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Mistake, Now Need Advice

I started my first cycle 5 weeks ago of test cyp 200 and deca 300. Unfortunately I did not know about T-Nation, and did not know half of what I know now. I am using 400 pw of test cyp and 300 pw of deca. About two weeks ago I ordered some more test cyp to finish the cycle from overseas and it has not shown up yet.

It will probably be two more weeks before I get it. So what should I do. I just moved to atlanta and dont have any connections. I work out at a YMCA and there is no big guys there. should I just continue running the deca until I get it? Should I increase the deca dosage until I get it?

I have learned an unbelievable amount of information on this site in the past few weeks. I have read for at least a hundred hours. Thank you all so much for your wealth of knowledge. I will be so much better prepared for my next cycle. Thanks again guys.

Should have mentioned I am 30 years old
6 ft 185lbs.
I am taking 10 mg of nolvadex a day
and have hcg and clomid for pct.

What’s the big deal…Am I missing something, two weeks is nothing. Just keep running the Deca until you get the Test, or up the dosage with the Deca or stop everything all together. Just do what you want.

At least you got “ALL” the PCT stuff already, right? If you had to wait on that stuff you’d be up shit creek, especially if that never arrived.

I would run the deca at the dosage you’ve been running until your test comes and then resume. I wouldn’t think it be that big of a deal. If I had a two week break from a long estered test midcycle with another compound, I might frontload the test when it arrives so it’s a bit smoother. I think you’ll be okay.

Thank you for the advice, I guess I thought that it was a big deal to miss two weeks without test. Thats why you guys are awesome! Yes I do have all the pct. Thank you very much for the advice.