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Mist-On Tanning

Does anyone have any experience with either Mist-On or Mystic tanning booths? They really appear to be the “future” of tanning - I can’t help but think that lying 6 inches away from heat bulbs can’t be all that good for me…the website www.mist-on.com and all feedback I’ve read online seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

I used the Mystic tanning for my Hot Rox after picts. It was “Ok” just took about 20 seconds and you really need to towel off good when your through. Make sure to put allot of barrier cream on your hands and feet, especially around your nails. You can look up my after pict in the challenge thread. Wasn’t cheap $25.00 for one visit and 50.00 for three.

I know around here where I live that stuff costs about an arm and a leg everytime you go. And you have to do it at least once a week to keep your color. My girlfriend has used it (she got a discount because one of her best friends runs a tanning salon). But even with the discount she felt like it was way too much money to do once a week. Other than the price she loved it and every other account I’ve heard/read had great results with it.

I don’t know … they seem WAY to expensive right now. Yes, you don’t receive the harmful UVA/B rays, but still. It’s a lot of money.

My girl got it done, and she’s relatively dark anyways (w/o tanning), and she ended up a lot darker after it, but it went away after 4-5 days. She is pretty active in the gym too, so she showers 2 times a day, so that might be the reason, but still.


If you’re looking for a decent self-tanner that’s doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, go to your nearest beauty supply store (“Sally’s” around Denver) and pick up some Toma’s Perfect Tan. You apply it with a glove, rubs in like lotion but is colored so you can blend it perfectly and control the strength of the color. I used to tan 3-4 times a week but after discovering this stuff, I’m down to once a week or once every two weeks. I use the lotion once a week as well. People are always asking me where I went on vacation - it looks real, not orangy.
And the best part? A bottle is $12 and lasts me 4-6 full body applications.