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Mission Sochi 2014: Olympic Bobsleigh

I’ve been reading around T-Nation for a while, i’m impressed with the content and it’s time to get more involved :slight_smile:

I completed the British Bobsleigh combine a couple of weeks ago:

Height: 185/6’1’’
Weight: 83k 183lbs

30m - 3.51
15-45m - 2.95
Standing Long Jump - 3.33m

Full Squat - 180k
Bench Press - 130k (140k is my PR)

I attended push training at the GB push track a week later. I posted 3.55 15-45 without a ‘hit’. This is the fastest of the development squad.

There are some good athlete’s in the development squad, including African 100m record holder - Fasuba (9.85)

I’ll document my training here.

Oh hell yeah definitely in this

100% in, very awesome

Nice! This will be fun to follow.

Very cool indeed, this should be interesting to follow!

In for the gainz and gold! Awesome to have an athlete of your caliber on the site!

Thanks for the interest!

Meanwhile here is a taster of the GB training facility with discus thrower and fellow UWIC allumni Dave Coleman:

Whoa, freakin cool. Thanks very much for posting here.

Basically cool runnings but with better technology and a little more money. Love it.


Creatine, Scimx Xplode.

Prehab: Massage/stretching/ART hamstrings, quads

20xhits push trolley against wall
20x10m hits with push trolley, 50kg, 75kg.

6x40m block starts. Struggling to get optimal angle, power is there though.

3x5 hurdle hops. Slight patellar tendon pain. Moved to the gym.

Cleans 1x100k,110k,117.5k,120k didnt get under 120… 117.5 lift was the only technically good lift, cant keep my hips down.

Whey, creatine, banana

Massage - Deep on left calf to ease pain in the back of left knee.


Running Drills.

Posture Runs.

3x3 full squats 3x3 box jumps.

Didnt quite agree with coach today, worried im gonna be tired for the weekend when I face the next stage of Bobsleigh trials




Ok, so this was a big day, Bobsleigh push trials, anyone not hitting the standard got cut.

We had 6 pushes, and the average of our best 4 needed to be under 3.59.

So, first push I held a little back, wasn’t fully warmed up… 3.66 still had me worried. Time for the second push, went for it - 3.60. Now I was really bricking it.

At this point the coaches took us in for a pretty brutal pep talk, we werent getting through if this carried on. Then the mood changed and times were dopping all over the place. Then my 3rd push, the rain weas coming down, but I put my game face on and hit 3.51, the quickest push of the day and my ticket to the next stage.

Mission Sochi 2014 is still well and truly on!



Training weekend last week and we learnt to use the side handle and load the bob -

Ok guys, Big update!

Last weekend were the final trials to make the ‘long-list’ GB Bobsleigh Squad, and the first time development athletes pushed against the existing squad. Top 10 on the push track qualified for October on-ice crew selection in Latvia. Top 6 also qualified for September training camp in Switzerland.

I came 5th and qualified for both. I pushed 3.54 which was disappointing. My PR puts me joint second in the push track rankings.

GB Bobsleigh has also secured full UK sport funding this year and so both trips are fully funded.

Again I’m a step closer to Sochi 2014!


how was your season?