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Mission: Eat More, Don't Get Fat

I love to eat. I don’t love to get fat.

I’m 27, 6’2", 175 lbs, 11.5% body fat

Currently, if I consume anything over 2,000 calories, I put on fat. 2K is my maintenance.

I lift 4 times per week (Growth Training Systems), get 10K steps per day, do Tabatas 2-3 times per week, and eat very clean (borderline Paleo).

My goal: gradually ramp up my metabolism so I can eat more like 3,000 calories without putting on fat. A slow reverse diet is in line with my goals, so my plan is to increase my carb and fat intake by just 2-5% each week.

Starting macros
Protein: 175g (700 cals)
Carbs: 202.5g (810 cals)
Fat: 60g (540 cals)

This is a total of 2050 cals.

I also plan to modify my lifting program, shifting more toward strength training, lower reps, and longer rest periods. My current program involves plenty of high-rep work that really gets my heart pumping.

Thanks for following along. Insight/feedback/words of wisdom much appreciated.

No such thing.

Why do you say that? Lots of anecdotes out there about reverse dieting.