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Mission Accomplished


This pic is from 5/21/2010, I look a little retarded.

5'8" 165lb, BF%: 8-10 (via some shitty method, might've been a bit higher)
Bench: 255lb
Deadlift: 335lb
Squat: 275lb

I am currently in the Navy and these are my stats after coming back from an 85 day submarine patrol back in March. I wasn't very pleased with my weight/lifting stats and set out to reach 200lbs and increase my lifts as much as possible. I will say that I usually don't bring any protein with me when I go out to sea so I usually drop weight at sea (space constraints, and most proteins are in hyooooooge bottles). All we have to train with are adjustable dumbbells that go up to 85lbs (might even be 75lb I can't remember) and a Smith Machine. Time is precious, we run 6hrs on/12hrs off rotations, but I usually have enough time to get a workout in.

I have been in port for roughly 7 months, I set the goal of 190lbs by Thanksgiving. I hit that goal about 20 days early, so I set my goal higher to 200lbs by Christmas. Ladies and gentleman I am happy to say I have met my goal on Christmas Eve.

5'8" 200.6lb, BF%: Maybe 14-15%?
Bench: 285lb
Deadlift: 425lb
Squat: 335lb

I am fully aware that my bench ain't that pretty, I haven't been too keen on BB Bench since I lost my lifting partner a while back, I had been doing DB Presses for quite a while but decided I should just grow some balls. Deadlift wasn't my favorite 7 months ago but has become quite awesome. I have also been training the shit out of my back which I believe has helped my stats across the board. I took about 2 months off seriously training my lower back due to a pulled muscle in an ill-fated DL. My lower back isn't loving me trying to go heavy on squat, but I think it will start to come up once my lower back is brought up to speed.

My method: eat like a fucking horse, if your eating habits aren't making everyone around you worried, you're not eating enough. I made this mistake early in my bulk because being uncomfortably full didn't seem smart until I kept reading more bulking articles, ya gotta do it!

I have another deployment coming up (last one, hopefully) and can't really avoid the weight loss, so I am going to try to at LEAST maintain my lifts.. but it's going to be hard with that stupid smith machine. I am expecting to drop down to 185lb, but hopefully I can minimize the drop and go for 210lb next time 'round.

Thanks for reading!


This is me at 190lbs about a month ago.


Repost, oops.. lastly, here's me at 200lbs, abs disappearing rapidly.


Congrats man! Always awesome to achieve a goal. We are the same height my BF% is 19 and my current lifts are Bench: 365 Dead: 530 and Squat: 405. I have 15Lbs on you and I have been training for powerlifting for almost 6yrs now. Good luck on meeting your next goal!