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Missing the pump

I haven’t felt the pump in the gym for a while now and I wonder why.

I some of you will say the pump isn’t necessary for growth but I love the feeling and I miss it. I was just wondering why
My diet has essentially been the same. What could be the problem?

Also, I only used to feel the pump in my chest and bis, never other bodyparts. Is this uncommon?

i actually don’t understand how people don’t get a pump while working out, in any given rep range or intensity level. I’m not talking about warm up sets which should not push your body to any limits. You are using specific muscles which need blood to function so the body will send the blood there. Sometimes the pump is so much that it hurts in certain muscle groups. I’m not saying that this pump lasts for a long time, cause i don’t care for that. laters pk

Have you read the “No Pump Chump” article recently published in T-mag (the website)? Perhaps it will provide you with some answers.

Check out the article No Pump Chump in the archives. Dr. Lowery covers a few ways to help get the pump back.

You could always try Mag-10 as a short term solution. I get great pumps while on that. Good stuff!