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Missing the Old Darden Forum

@melisnmatt and @entsminger,

Easy now! This calls out for a balanced response.

Dr Darden renewed my interest in strength training and made me a HIT trainee, but I actually ended up on T Nation through some interesting articles by Nick Tumminello. Much to my surprise, Dr Darden reappeared here - which was/is great! I have learned a lot from Dr Darden and am very thankful for the results I have obtained from his ideas on HIT - and will make sure to continue follow his forum. That being said, I love to learn about different strategies - in order to make my workout/program a perfect hybrid construction of my own.

Through T Nation I have met some interesting people, some who I have a lot in common with. I have learned and expanded my knowledge by listening to many forum members here, who also inspires me through their own efforts and ideas. Some HIT, some very different. I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

What I am trying to say is: I wouldn’t have discovered Brian Johnston, Fortitude Training or the making of my hybrid program if it wasn’t for sources within AND outside of the Darden forum. It helps me make the most out of my training. That’s what I call evolution! We/us HIT trainees just need to keep an open mind. I mean, after all, isn’t Arnold the greatest?


Thats all great that you discovered other means of training thru Darden forum. The more we learn, the better it benefits us. My issue, and my point, is the selective enforcement of what should be in the forum, and what Colucci decides shouldn’t. As I see there are other moderators, yet it’s always 1 person moving posts. If posts talking about the old website don’t belong, posts about Nautilus (where Darden worked for 20 yrs) don’t belong, posts about Arthur Jones(the most influential instructor to Darden??) don’t belong, then why would NUMEROUS posts within a thread about fortitude, zone reps etc. not be moved? As I said, a SERIOUS bias and extreme lack of consistency by 1 person is the issue here

If Arthur Jones wants his own forum then by gosh, he can have one.

For real though, it’s pretty clear to everyone else. Dardens training methodologies and writing = good.

Not those things= gets bumped.

It limits the signal to noise and makes sense from an accessibility standpoint. When someone new is interested in his books and methods, there he is, rather than conversations about people and machines that no longer exist.


As perceived by you. We all follow the same guidelines and rules.

You need to also realize that Chris is the Forum Director for a reason.

To put it simple: “When on T Nation you do as the T Nationers do”.

Meaning it may be wise to tread gently as we are the new neighbours here. We need to show respect in order to gain respect. I am doubtful this thread bring us closer to that. At least @planethealh made people happy. Now there is a risk of people getting tired of hearing about complaints from the Darden people. But on the other hand, Arthur Jones showed no mercy…

Dude was the master at not showing things.


Chris moves topics ALL the time, in every forum, and stops in to clarify what is and what isn’t okay often, which includes locking threads altogether. There’s just only one small group that continues to complain about it. I’ve had replies of mine moved, and I’ve been told explicitly to stop complaining about something.

Almost everyone I know here has been checked.

The addition of the new forum here was not a transplant of the old one, but you’re treating it as such.


You mean the thread where Mark literally asked about a variety of training options and got 30+ replies (including from Dr. Darden, since it’s his coaching forum); and then Mark said he was going to try a few different methods, including zone training (so, the guy who started the thread was the first to mention it); and then a few months later somebody bumped the thread to ask Mark about his experiences with zone training? Yeah, uh, that’s not off-topic and doesn’t need to be moved.

If I start a thread in the Powerlifting forum and ask how to improve my bench, somebody’s probably going to mention triceps pressdowns, and then a few posts might occur discussing triceps training. That’s entirely on-topic.

If I start a thread in the Powerlifting forum and just ask how to do triceps pressdowns or how to build triceps, that’s not on-topic and will be moved to the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner forum where it’s more appropriate.

If you can’t tell the difference between those situations, it’s a good thing we have Moderators who can.

“I see other guys on the baseball diamond, yet it’s always 1 person pitching the ball” … Dude, if I’m the one working when those posts come, because I work the day shift on weekdays, then I’m going to be the one to move them if needed. We apply the same standards across the board regardless of which Mod is working.

Correct. Posts asking/critiquing/complaining about what goes on in this site don’t belong in Dr. Darden’s Coaching forum anymore than they belong in Thibaudeau’s Coaching forum or the Beginners forum. They belong in the Forum Feedback section, because it’s feedback about the forum.

I see about 20 threads asking Dr. Darden about Nautilus in his forum. I’ve already explained multiple times why Ents’ thread was moved. Your thread about “Moving a Nautilus Double Chest” was moved because it wasn’t about Nautilus, it was about moving a piece of equipment. And, unsurprisingly, you got useful replies.

There are several threads asking Dr. Darden about Arthur Jones in his forum. I have no idea which thread you’re referring to as not belonging.

After I’m done savoring the delicious irony of a fervent HIT fan accusing anyone of bias, I’ll ask: What do you think I’m biased against/towards, why do you think that, and, after the points I’ve just presented, do you still think that?



Wow, I like Darden being on this new forum and glad the old forum is gone…it was getting too stale for my taste, plus it gives me the opportunity to waste my time looking at other the forums and participate in useless discussion, lol

I say wow because I can’t believe some of you fellas are sitting here bitching and moaning about how the forum is run…newsflash, it’s not about you, lol


Just a random drive by comment for some of the guys not happy with Chris moving comments and posts and thinking it’s just directed towards the new guys.

Sometimes my posts get moved but more often than not they just get deleted. Chris is probably one of the most consistent and level headed moderators I’ve ever seen, and I’m a forum whore.

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Can someone please explain why its offensive to move a comment or thread?


You could’ve removed the word “forum”

I don’t want to scare off the new guys, but yes. There’s a chance I have some problems.

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I appreciate it, @Chris_Colucci :+1:

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I love you too big fella

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If you work on the assumption that your subforum is a separate entity to the rest of the forum, it makes more sense.

Try imagining what your feelings would be if T-Nation suddenly became a subforum on a rival site, maybe one with a big blue logo and it may make a little more sense.

It’s like putting something all the way over on the other side of the internet.

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