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Missing the Old Darden Forum

There is a training logs section on this site too, which has much of this stuff on it. It’s the main reason I personally visit this site.

I’m very much hoping some of the Darden forum guys will join @davemccright over there, I think it’s a great way to share journeys and results.


@dagill2: I presume you mean other pages on T-nation forum and not Dr. Darden’s page/forum specifically.

Erm, maybe? I’m not quite sure what you mean, I’m afraid.

There’s a training logs subforum on T-nation with a whole host of training logs. I don’t believe many of the people who came across with Darden have logs there, which I personally think is a shame. It would certainly help with “sharing the journey” and tends to be a much more positive and respectful place than others. Hopefully this clarifies what I meant.


As the saying goes, be the change you want to see. I’ve been telling this to new members here for almost a year, but very, very few actually do it.

Start a training log to talk about your journey. You mentioned having digestive issues, so a thread in the Nutrition forum will let you connect with other people who’ve also dealt with gut problems.

Or put up a post in the Photo/Video Check-In. I made that thread a banner across the entire site for the first few days to specifically make sure that everyone who visited the forum saw it. Disappointing that hardly any new guys have chosen to participate. Pretty sure Dave was the only one so far.

Bottom line is, there are ample opportunities to have a kickass forum experience and be part of the community, but I get the impression that’s not really what some people are looking for.


Thanks, and I understand what you mean. However, since I have a certain affinity to Nautilus/MedX/HIT in general (not necessarily from practical viewpoint, but from the perspective of finding the most intelligent approach to training), I stick to this sub-forum and my own guns. Probably, I should explore the universe of T-nation forums, although more data doesn’t always mean better absorption of information. Plus social media and forums do not always reflect the reality. On a side note, as far as I remember, the former Dr. Darden site was a separate one invisibly (at least to me who is not an IT guy) supported by T-nation; now, it’s just a sub-forum on a larger T-nation’s forum. I can no longer find previous posts from older Dr. Darden’s site, although the search function worked across old Dr. Darden’s site pretty well. PM function is lost as well. Many interesting gentlemen are no longer here.

I have no knowledge of the old Darden forums so I couldn’t comment.

I enjoy the training logs section partly to see the journeys you describe above, but as an opportunity to talk with like-minded people about training. Something I don’t have much opportunity to do in real life. Many of them train in a very different way to myself, but that’s OK because some of the mindset stuff and real-life/training balance is the same.

Lots of interesting content was lost when the old site went away, which is unfortunate. I gather the design of the old database was sufficiently dated that it was getting difficult to maintain. Likewise, I suspect the cost to make the old content accessible as an archive is probably hard to justify for the limited number of people that would actually take advantage. So here we are.

As for online training logs… I never had much interest in that. To each his own…

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== Scott==
Through out the years I visited many forums searching for stuff I enjoyed reading and found the old Darden form contained the most people who had a similar philosophy and mindset which hovered around Arthur Jones and Ellington Dardens thinking and the good old days of bodybuilding. I know it sounds narrow minded but I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve accessed the training logs etc on here and gone from top to bottom only to find I’m just not interested in the bulk of the routines and other stuff posted by a large contingent of posters on here. I wish it was other wise.

I much preferred the older layout. I really enjoyed following Turpin’s training log for several years without having to jump around to another part of the site. All on Darden’s forum which made sense since most everyone there was doing abbreviated training even if it wasn’t pure HIT, most were on the same page especially as years went on. I also met some online friends through the old forum - one of which I keep in email contact today. That cannot happen any longer.

I also didn’t appreciate not getting a heads up the older forum would just vanish one day. No warning, no nothing. I go to the site one day and the URL is dead. Very crappy way to treat forum members many of whom were loyal from the very beginning of that forum, but a sign of times unfortunately.

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== Scott==
I couldn’t agree more! I don’t know why the Darden part of the forum here couldn’t work in a similar way as the old one but in conjunction with the new one?

I imagine it would be costly to recode things to work the way you want, and it would make the site more costly to maintain, without generating any additional revenue for the site.

I also don’t see how such a change benefits Dr. Darden? He is more active and more accessible here than on the old site, and the admins have gotten rid of at least one long time troll who really disrupted the old board.

This forum is surely far more mobile friendly too (although I have not tried it yet).

Maybe those who visited Dr. Darden’s old forum realize how foolish insinuating that I was Grant actually was! Herd mentality at work!

Y’all do realize that if you and other followers of darden/Jones started a training journal… then there would be countless training journals in which you enjoyed reading and could follow along, ask questions, and maybe take some things for your own use.


I’ve never found looking at someone else’s training journal was ever much help for me. We are all so different that what one person does could be completely the opposite from what I should do. It’s like looking in the muscle magazines at Sergios routine and trying to take something useful from that.

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It’s worth keeping in mind that most of the people on here (or anywhere else) aren’t going to have the potential of Sergio so the information may be more useful than that in the muscle magazines. It couldn’t be any less useful after all.

I’m sorry but I’ve looked at the training logs on here many times and I’ve found I have little interest in seeing how many sets of squats or deadlifts or whatever guys on this forum use in their daily routines any more than what Sergio might have used. Even more than that I find the way posts are done here I find it very hard to make sense of what is being said at times. To much BS talk.

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At least you’ve given it a try.


For the record, I didn’t think that was likely. Grant D. was in a class by himself.

I agree that it can be very difficult to grok someone’s workout strategy by looking at daily training logs. Sometimes that is because the program is complex. Sometimes it is because people have no clear plan, or they change it so often that they might as well not have a plan (and nothing fundamentally wrong with that either).

Also, some of those logs are filled with a lot of banter. If you love that sort of thing, that’s OK. But it generally doesn’t do it for me. Basically, those are only of interest to the parties who have struck up an online friendship. (And I guess I’ve had a few of those over the years, mostly a couple of frequent posters from the old Dr. Darden forum, so I get that aspect of a forum.)

Likewise, I don’t need “accountability”, whatever that means in a forum context. (I have yet to have anyone show up at my door and ask if I’m ok because I stopped posting…).

Nor do I need a lot of affirmations or attaboy’s.

I am at a point where I know what works for me, and what doesn’t. I know how much volume and intensity I can manage before this old body runs out of steam. I know how much adaptation and muscle building is realistic for my genetics and age. I’m not really on a journey any more, I’m fighting a long retreat against the grim reaper. Occasionally, it is interesting to see what other people are doing. But it really doesn’t affect what I’m doing for myself.

I do have some interest in science and physiology as it relates to fitness and health. But even on that front, I’ve reached a point where I feel that I’m talked out on most topics…