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Missing T Men and Women?


is it me or are a few old regulars MIA? can only think of a few at present (Karma) but where the hell has everyone been?
Ok i can think of one.

you got me.


What happend to Dan Fouts, haven't seen him post for a while.

Why you up so late anyway?




Rainjack comes to mind too. Unless he's taking to haunt only the Politics forum. Damn I miss his 'debate' with Vroom....


mixture of insomnia, being hungy and a dog barking.


Lol, have some cottage cheese.

What part of England you from? I just moved here from South Africa and staying in Essex.


I started lurking in 2003 and this guy name 'Goldberg' posted 24/7. I found it hard to believe he had time to work, train, or sleep. Powerlifter from Columbus, GA.

Where did he go?????????????


The "regulars" on this board come and go in waves. I've been here since 1999 and I've seen more groups pass through than you can imagine. Sometimes it's sad to see people go whose posts you really enjoyed reading, but hey, sometimes "real life" catches up to you.

There are some who post very infrequently that were once big-time contributors (in other words, you might never have known how active they used to be around here). Everyone once in awhile I'll see one of their posts pop up out of nowhere, and it always brings a smile to my face. Char-dawg, heavythrower, Nate Dogg, and Cupcake just to name a few...

As for Goldberg, he posts under a different name now, though I haven't seen him here in awhile. I still see him around other boards from time-to-time. For those who never had a chance to see Goldie around, he was always quick to jump your shit if you said something stupid, but he was a hell of a guy. He made the Prof. look like the nicest guy in the world a lot of times, lol, but he was just about always right and damn funny, too.


I have no idea who is missing and who is not. I just started posting here recently.


I agree, I've been here off an on since the start, and have seen many come and go the same way. DemoDick, michelle, avoidsroids, etc.

It seems that everyone who spends a lot of time here eventually stops posting. If I remember correctly, this topic was brought up a few years ago, with reference to a life cycle of internet forums.




That's true, though its sad to realize some of the people just never came back.

Rainjack is probably busy with tax season.


I used to post here about ...shit...when it was testosterone.net (I think...or T-mag.net?)...under the username "hooker"....maybe 5 years ago, or so...that's about right...


This thread got me to reminisce a bit, and for some reason I thought of one person who was infamous back at the start.

Anyone here remember Jason R. Baran?

Troll might not be the right word, but at the least one of the worst visitors the site ever had.


I remember Karma...she was great!

How about Patricia. Her boyfriend Ko, I think was his name.

How about Elkhntr?

Rainjack is an accountant. Hopefully he'll be back next week.


Uhh, Proteinpowda is gone.


I miss Goldberg running into every "injury" thread and telling the person to get A.R.T.!

[i]JoeBlow: I have a headache when I workout andy thoughts?

Goldberg: Get A.R.T.![/i]

He was a good poster, very informative and definitly missed. But it all goes in cycles. You lose a few and gain a few. There are some really good contributors here once you sift through the ultra newb's giving out advice and stupid threads like "Offical Photoshop Thread." :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, I think he went blind from catching his own spunk in his eyes. Either that or he's serving 3-5 years for bestiality.



karmas guide to shaving your nut sack was top class.


I thought Tampa-Terry was an institution around here. She tirelessly gave great advice and always had a good word for everyone. She seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. (Hopefully, not literally!)