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Missing Ratios


Hey coach,

Your article about ratio's is pretty much a leading piece in my training, but I'm missing a few excercises. Maybe you can give some insights on them:

1)decline bench press
2)pull ups (chin ups are given)
3)behind the neck press
4)zercher squat
5)sumo deadlift

Thanks in advance!


The reason I didn't give ratio for these is that I didn't find any reliable source of info. I don't just take a number that looks okay and say it's proper ratio and I don't just look for appropriate ratios on the internet. If the ratio is not from a source I trust I do not include it.

Pull-ups should be about 5-10% weaker than pull-ups.

Zerchers... well since it's such a seldom used lift we can't really compare it to other lift. From experience it should be about 90% of the front squat.

Sumo depends on your leverage... some people deadlift more sumo than conventional, others are the opposite.

RDL should not be done for limit strength as for can easily get compromised and it's hard to evaluate since different people use different ranges of motion depending on their mobility.


Thanks for being honest.
Better a reliable article then a more elaborate but unreliable article.
Thanks for the time!