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Missing Pec Major


I've got a good friend who was born without his right pec major. He's always been skeptical of really pushing himself in the gym because he'll never totally be satisfied with his body given his circumstances.

The guy has lost 60 lbs by somewhat watching his diet and spending hours on the treadmill.

He is now trying to get into the police academy and realizes he needs to gain some strength. Obviously there is little he can do to strengthen his pec minor on his right side.

Any ideas on what he can do to get the MOST out of his pushing lifts?


Does he have absolutely no pec major or just a genetic deformity to the pec major?

In terms of strength, he would be a perfect candidate for single arm pushing variations. Some bi-lateral exercises would be good too, such as pushups, etc.

I am assuming it is more of a genetic variation in the size/shape of the pec major, rather than him just not having one, but I could be wrong. Regardless, if he has a significant disability due to this deformity, has he checked to see if this will exclude him from continuing onto the police academy?


I've been friends with the guy since I was 3 and he always said he was missing it. I guess you're right, it could be a deformity rather than missing.

I'll have to ask about that and also see if it could affect his position at the academy.

I was thinking he could do one arm pressing and just use different weights for what he can do.


I think the more important point is what does he have to do for the academy? Can he currently do push ups or would the academy allow a different exam?

In general I would avoid chest work, just not needed. I would do overhead presses and tricep work.