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Missing or Delayed Breakfast

I know breakfast is super-important…breaking of the fast of the night and all. However, I was interested in hearing about what effects missing breaky has on the body or even just having eating delayed a few hours. I am aware the body eventually canabalizes muscle tissue. I’d like more info, if possible, though.

Links, opinions (based on fact) etc appreciated.

This should answer your question…

Easy: I used to not eat breakfast at all. I also used to not make any progress (gain muscle) at all.

Maybe it’s a coincidence that I started to make rapid progress, noticeable by everyone, at the same time when I forced myself to eat breakfast.
Or maybe it’s no coincidence. :wink:

There are simply to many positives to eating breakfast that out weight the positives (few) of not for any goal be it losing fat, gaining size, performance energy etc.

Just many better ways to reach the goals including a good breakfast start to the day.

I have now become a gigantic proponent of BCAAs. If you can’t have a good breakfast (many of us can’t due to life’s wonderful stresses), you surely can down 4 to 8 tabs of BCAAs to hold you over til you do have time to eat big.