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Missing One Tricep Head?


My left tricep's long head is undeveloped compared to that of my right arms. When I flex it, my left tricep's long head appears to be also different in shape. Could I have somehow torn it or ripped it along the way? Or is this some typical imbalance issue?


Right Tricep


Probably an imbalance. My triceps were the other way around - long head on left arm developed, but none on right arm. I fixed it by close grip inclined bench press, since that exercise isolates the long head.


Left Tricep


Er, in your pics your tris appear to be just fine... Maybe shoot the left arm pic again but this time use the same camera angle etc which you used in the right arm pic.

As far as difference in muscle-shape between the right and left arm... That's perfectly normal.

Few people are really symmetrical...


Um I retook the picture but got a similar result, it's just my left arm is very undeveloped compared to my left. 14.75 vs 14. My left arm's long head is almost nonexistent as you can kind of tell from the picture...


You right and left arms appear to be mirror images of one another! You should get that looked at...


Hahahaha, I guess I'm just small overall then :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the responses.


yeah both my heads are different sizes slightly on each arm. The only way it will be fixed is if I put on some serious size, you should do likewise, then we'll all be happy.


no dude, you are huge, and are missing a tricep head.


My lateral heads are not symmetrical. I think it's normal (I sure as shit didn't tear any tri muscles along the way lol)


I didn't mean that I was small in a sarcastic way, I know I am small and I still have a long way to go.


Looks normal to me. You can see the ridge where the tendon feathers into the muscle in both.

I dissected a woman last year though that had three headed biceps, variations do happen.

Some muscles such as palmaris longus, psoas minor, rhomboid minor, pyramidalis, zygomaticus minor, and adductor minimus are optional and not found in all individuals.

Tendon slips vary often in attachment points and number as well. I have a specimen right now that has tendon slips in both his coracobrachialis that extend all the way to the medial epicondyles of the humerus.

Nothing to worry about.


Yes, what he said. Mine have a 3/4" difference between right and left, but it isn't as noticeable as it was 3 inches ago.


In the first pic of your right arm you are bending your elbow back fully flexing the triceps. In the other pic your elbow isn't nearly as bent back which I suspect means the flex isn't nearly as great. Are you sure you are flexing that arm properly? (when you pose and when you are working out)


My tris have different insertions, which makes them somewhat asymmetrical. This is probably the case here though it's just about impossible to tell with those pics


Make em a lot bigger. You'll be fine.


Second that.


I third the motion.


i think i was born without abs.