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Missing McCann Girl


I have not followed this case but WTF were the parents doing leaving 3 young kids alone?

What happened to the other 2?


Current rumor has it that the parents sedated all three kids, then went out for a night on town. The father of the "missing" child is either a cardiologist or a medical consultant of some kind. He would have access to "medication" to ensure his children slept soundly. So there is no chance of them waking up in the middle of the night from a scary dream or to get a glass of water and find mommy and daddy have deserted them.

Looks like the dosage may have been a bit too high this time for Madeleine. So, in desperation, they hid her body, set up the room for the faked abduction, and called the police. In all the excitement, the other two children would never be checked for any substances.

The police have found forensic evidence, but cannot give details.


I knew there was a real theory more than the stuff I have been reading today.

If this is true I hope they feed the parents feet first through a meat grinder.


They were at a restaurant across the street. They supposedly could see the house/apartment from where they were sitting. I haven't heard anything about it for a couple of months, though.


Big news today. The mother has been named a suspect. She looks pretty hot too.


This story has been in the news every day here since Madeline McCann disappeared on May 3rd. The McCanns were having dinner on the night she went missing in a restaraunt 120m away from the apartment. Gerry McCann (father) claimed he went to check on the kids around 9pm. When Kate McCann (mother) went to check at 10pm Madeline was's bed was empty and a window was open - this is what they told the police.

Since it all happened the McCanns have attracted world-wide media attention and even met the Pope and had a prayer said by him. There's been some criticism of this media-hungry exposure of the case at the hand of the McCanns, but since Kate McCann was named as an official suspect it's all gone into overdive.

There's been a few supposed sightings of Madeline, one woman claimed to be certain she'd seen her in Belgium, there was another sighting in Morocco which has since been discredited and an uncomfirmed sighting in Spain.

Because the case is being led by the Portuguese police who have different secrecy laws to the British police there's an awful lot of information that isn't being released, and so the rumours and speculation are rife. At this stage no-one here really knows what to think or believe, but at the end of the day the life of a four year old girl is hanging in the balance, and we can only hope that she's alive and well and whoever is behind her kidnapping and possible death is brought to justice.


Why is the world supposed to care so much about this family? Children go missing all the damn time, and just because she has wealthy parents, the media treats this case as if everybody all over the world should care. I for one, don't.


wow i had no idea that this was going on.. at all. hire a damn babysitter holy shit


You missed the part about the hot mother.


You're right. This family is "camera friendly" so as a result the media warms right up to them and treats them as poor fucks who were horribly unfortunate. That being said, I couldn't give a fuck less about their circumstances, just because the media and some celebrities say i should.


I feel terrible everytime i hear about something bad happening to a little kid, but that's just me. I guess i am just not as big of a badass as you.


Truth. You don't have to like her family or the media, it's about the little girl. If you were rich and were missing a child, I'm sure you'd want to get every resource you could to help find him/her. (even though in this case it might be staged).


The above link goes a long way to explain why this little girl's disappearance is big news, and other little girls who go missing isn't. A long way, but probably not wholly.

As the father of two little girls, I'd personally make it big news if one of them went missing.

As far as Madeline goes, yes, I'm of the opinion it may well be a staged murder too.


One lesson here is that different countries have very different legal systems. A "suspect" in portugal is very different from a suspect in USA, UK etc... it means that the person can be open to a different line of questioning and have a lawyer present etc..

There was another man potentially involved a few months back and he volunteered himself as a "suspect", I believe. Not 100% sure about that, but I am sure that suspect does not mean exactly the same thing as we take it to mean.

However the mother is considered to be a suspect in the way we know it.

In portugal the police cannot give away any information, therefore speculation is high regarding everything.

The parents were stupid leaving their kids alone especially at that age, in a resort with access to childminding facilities. Nevertheless, you could leave your kids with a babysitter and they still get killed/kidnapped. HOWEVER these were little kids, I'd be worried they go into the kitchen and stick forks in the electrical sockets or who knows what.

The parents and people they were dining with were taking turns going to check on the kids. One of the other parents noticed a man carrying a child in a blanket on one of her trips. Egads!

The other lesson here is portugal has inept policing. The scene was open to all and sundry. Evidence was collected late. Forensics seems to be an unknown discipline. I would not be surprised if the police were in on a child trafficking racket. They seem to be badgering the mother for 11 hours to get a confession so they can close the case. When you go to a foreign country don't expect the same levels of competence as your own country.

This is very much turning into the UKs' own Azaria Chamberlain incident ... in Oz, a couple claimed that, when camping in the Australian outback, a dingo took their baby from the tent (silently!) and the whole investigation was a mess spread over decades.

don't take your baby to the desert and put it in its own tent.
don't leave your 3 year old kids in a strange hotel in a foreign country as you go get drunk
don't expect foreign countries to be the same as at home


The dingo ate my baby!


Something's definately very odd about this case, as mentioned before, there's several holes in the parent's story. Something doesn't quite add up.

At the same time some of the rumours in the press do sound rather fantastical but then I suppose sometimes things do happen which even would sound ridiculous in a movie.

At the end of the day, if a child's been missing for three months, you've gotta fear the worst.

Yeah, the Mum is fine too! :slight_smile:


Didn't follow this closely, but judging by what you said they found the corpse and did an autopsy, or as one of the parents confessed?


yeah that was one weird case and one weird accent for the tv show

absolutely nothing surprises me in real crime cases. if Maddie was dressed as a boy and walking around pretending to be one of their other kids, that would not surprise me. real life is stranger than fiction

i doubt we will ever know the truth but it is a good idea to learn from this and prevent it happening as much as you can prevent it happening.

whoever posted the wiki link on white woman crime that was brilliant and interesting


They found Madeleine's blood in a car the parents rented 25 days after the disappearance.


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