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Missing Lower Right Abdominal Muscle

A little bit of info about me~ I’ve been lifting hard for about 7 years now but have started to take things seriously (lifting and diet wise) the past couple years. A month ago, I got my body fat tested by a PT and was measured in at 3% even. I am 178cm tall and currently weigh 70+/- 2kgs.

Anyways, my abs are pretty defined. However, I have this weird 7 pack going on. No matter how hard I work on my abs, my lower right abs does not seem to grow.

Is there any isolation workout that targets this area or any recommendations on what I should do?

Thanks and I apologize for the silly question.

Abs are genetic, if you have a 7 pack you have a 7 pack lol.

You’re going to have to post a pic in order for us to understand what you’re talking about.

If for some reason you really don’t have one of your “abs,” training won’t make a difference. You can make a muscle bigger and stronger, but you can’t develop muscles that you don’t have.

At your height and weight (I calculate 5’10" at 154 lbs) I cannot believe you have been lifting hard for 7.5 years. What are your goals? Obsessing about seeing your last ab while you are at 3% BF will never get you anywhere, unless you really want to be an underware model. If that is the case, you may want to seek another forum.

I disagree with the people above, saying there is nothing you can do. Right away something popped in to my head. Lower abs are hard to come by usually because of over-powering hip flexors. If your lower right ab won’t pop, then your right hip flexors might be short and tight. Take a look at your right glute. How activated is it? There are many glute tests you can do with both straight leg and bent leg. Your glutes and abs are connected.

So focus on foam rolling the right hip flexor and stretching it. If it still won’t givem have some ART work done to it. When the hip flexor relaxes it will allow that ab muscle to work.

I have heard that the majority of the Asian population has no 8 pack, only 6 pack. So I guess you can consider yourself lucky to beat the average?