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Missing Lower Back Muscle

Its not really there! ive got an okay back, meaning that it has some muscle etc, and a strong arse, mostly from just normal stuff like hillwalking, thrusting etc. but between my lower back and arse, there is a spot with no muscle, i can feel the bone thru the skin, its like a pelvic bone, but behind, and above. any ideas what exercises/methods best target this area? cos i think it may even affect my health in later years, u know, lower back etc


Maybe you should grab some anatomical chart, toss it into paint, and show us what you are talking about?

My first guess though is that you probably aren’t supposed to have muscle there…

Sounds like me. I have a real problem with the same area.

Try differing exercises. Do standing military presses instead of sitting ones. Deadlifts. Pull throughs. Romanian DLs. Good mornings. Just to name a few.

Just keep working on it and it’ll come around after some time.


if you don’t do deadlifts, you will seriously lack strength in the rest of your body. It incorporates your ass and hams too, which is the whole point: Instead of isolating, work big groups to gain strength.

Just pick one form of deadlift and work it into your routine for a month, then switch excercises. Ex: start with snatch-grip deads and switch to sumo deads the next month.

do some searches on this site or google for pictures/descriptions of the excercise, and make sure you have absolutly perfect form by testing in a mirror w/out any weight first. you want to strengthen your lower back, not hurt it!

Cheers eh? - Ich sage lieber Prost!