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Missing Lifts

Hi all,

Fantastic site. I’ve learned a lot.

I’m following this plan to boost my deadlift, and I’m having some issues.

Well, everything was going well and on schedule until I got sick, which lasted 3 weeks. As I started recovering, I lifted again with the pins set right at the top of the kneecap, and could only get it up twice. I figure, NP, I’m still sick. I’ll wait until I’m better.

So I did, and lifted again a week ago today. Man, I was on fire! I did one set of three at the kneecap, and 4 sets of three with the top of the bar just below the kneecap. The only reason I stopped was because I was tearing off a callous, and did want it to go further.

Then did five sets of five good mornings supersetted with five unweighted pullups, and finished with a barbell contiditioning complex (5xbent rows, 5x hanging cleans, 5x push press, 5xfront squat. Done 5x with 65 lbs with no rest, for time.) Felt tired, but great afterward… stoked that I was able to get some decent lifts again!

So, monday my conditioning level was down, I gassed out fast, and almost puked during a set of 100 burpees(done in a pyramid)… that’s odd for me. I can usually get that done in about 8.5 minutes.

Tues felt good, sore, but good. Did a few conditioning circuits(tire flips, sledgehammer work, ect), some sled work and a mile run.

So, Wed was my next max strength day… and I couldn’t pull the weight. not once. I figure, no big deal, and do 10x5 good mornings with 20 more pounds than the previous week supersetted with cable row with sets of 3.

3 mile run thurs

fri 100 burpees again, in about 8.5 minutes, felt good, not half as hard as on Monday.

Sat off

So today, Sunday again I couldn’t pull the weight once at just below the kneecap. I move it up to the middle of the knee, and pull it twice, and it’stough… that’s all I was able to do. I got kind of frustrated, did some shoulder presses, then did that comlex as a finisher and left.

So, my question is, do you all think that the reason I’m missing these pulls is CNS fatigue? The other factor is that my pollen allergies have been flaring up bad since tues. I don’t know if that would affect this or not.

Do you think that the volume of work I’ve been doing(which is higher than normal for me) could be the culprit? I’d like to think that my nutrition is pretty well spot on, and my peri workout nutrition is great as well… I just don’t know.


I think it would help you to mainly focus on one thing. Choose to either increase your deadlift, or get conditioned. Doing them both at the same time will slow your progress. Thats my .02