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Missing Leg Day Okay?

So I do Chest triceps shoulders and traps on monday and thursday, back biceps forearms tuesday friday, legs wednesday and saturday. I’ve read articles saying that you should train each part 2-3 times a week but I have a early hike tomorrow and it’s far away so I wont return home until around 9pm and leave home at 10am so basically the entire day is traveling. Should i squeeze a short leg workout at like 9am? I will be hiking for around 2 hours as well

I forgot to mention that theres a buffet dinner after hiking so I thought that maybe I should try to deplete my glycogen?

This will make no difference in the long term. Worry about your habits, not once offs.


So muscle growth, maintainence or definition wont change?

Missing one day? Unless you are prepping for something no. That said, if you can get the session in then you should.

Okey thanks. And anything about the buffet? I know theres things like Glut4 or whatever that basically means that excess calories go for muscles and not fat when you Eat postworkout and since I will have no workout will those extra calories be for fat?

Are you on a diet?

Maybe but what happens over 3-6 hours will just get washed away in the noise of the week/month/year.


This, this, this. And finally, this.


Big picture.





Separate question but what’s the most fat someone can gain in a day? Not saying like 100k caloriee challenge but like 8k calories a day?

Dude, stop worrying about what happens in one day. What matters is what you do consistently over a long period of time. What you eat at the buffet I’d not going to ruin your progress and missing your leg day will not make your leg muscle disappear. Lol these kinds of details are not THAT important unless your prepping for a show, so relax friend!


Very good statement, thank you

@Mod_Phoenix can you do an IP check on this kid? Im convinced this is a troll.

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It’s not okay to miss leg day. Train your whole body bro and it will be aesthetically and beautiful

Yes it perfectly fine to miss leg day. Make sure to replace it with an arm day or chest day. That will make you jacked and massive like a bodybuilder.Faxxxxxx

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Why did you bump this thread to write this?


because he is under the age of 18.

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