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Missing Girl's Phone Hacked By Journalists



To sum up:

There's been a phone hacking scandal in the British press for a year - basically The Sun (a really trashy paper) and its sunday outing, the News of the World (both owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News/Harper Collins etc) have been hacking minor celebrities. Nothing special.

A man has been finally convicted for murdering a 13 year old girl Milly Dowler, murdered 9 years ago. There were problems with investigations at the time.

Investigators examining the transcripts of a journalist sentenced to prison for phone hacking found reference to the case.

They found that the journalist, working at the behest of the Sun and News of the World hacked into Milly Dowler's phone WHILE SHE WAS STILL MISSING (March 2002), listened to voicemail calls by her relatives, then, when the voicemail box was full, DELETED messages so more could be made. The family then did an interview with the paper, because they thought the fact that the messages had been deleted was proof that Milly was still alive.

Apart from interfering with the course of justice, this private investigator was obviously working at the behest of journalists higher up and full root and branch reform of the media in the UK needs to be made, but it raises worrying questions for what is left of the integrity of the press. I know I will be boycotting all Rupert Murdoch's products in the wake of this.

I hope journalists in the US have not stooped to this level of degradation. I consider myself a pretty level person, but this has left me unspeakably angry


Sounds pretty bad. Journalism is pretty bad everywhere it seems.


Ahhh. From the people who bring you "fair and balanced" news coverage.


News Corp owns media outlets all over the world. You're trying to draw a link between a single unscrupulous British tabloid journalist and Murdoch because the paper he works for is owned by News Corp? You do know that the Sun was pro-Labour during the Blair years and centrist during Brown's term? The grandmaster Illuminati owner Murdoch wanted a Labour government did he?


Rupert Murdoch shouldn't be trusted, but that's because he's an Australian.



Something something sheep reference something...



Wouldn't say it's a single unscrupulous journalist. He's already hinted that the newspaper wanted him to provide results, and other victims (other parents whose children were the victims of paedophiles and the 7/7 underground bomber's victims phones) were alleged to be hacked. Also the paper have admitted passing money to police, to what end yet I'm not sure.

So it seems like there was a law-breaking culture in the office here, which is especially ironic since they were conducted a campagin against paedophiles (which led to a PAEDIATRICIAN being chased out her home) so that their actions might have impeded investigations is all the more heinous.

And as an aside, the labour government were so right wing they invaded Iraq with G.W Bush and presided over one of the biggest expansions and deregulations of the financial sector, indirectly leading to and exacerbating the financial crash, in British history.


I agree the Sun is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Regarding New Labour being 'right wing' because they joined coalition forces in the Iraqi invasion and presided over unprecedented corporate deregulation; that's a different story.


News of the World gone. A sordid scandal sheet for the masses with unnamed sources quoting the Queen on Kate Middleton or Jordan's breast comparison shots with before and after pics. It did, however break a good story sometimes...


Uh, wasn't it Harper Collins who was going to publish the OJ book? You're right> NewsCorp is great.






Pretty bad.