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Missing Flameout, Loving Spike


Flameout story- started my job as a stocker at the grocery store about 3 weeks ago(lots of walking/carrying things,on my feet almost 8 hours aday) first week went fine then i ran out of Flameout legs have been hurting ever since.... cant wait for them to restock.

Spike story- got my free sample of Spike about a month ago and just let it sit around. Finally took some when I woke up this morning. Was energized/motivated like never before. Went up to the basketball courts and shot around for an hour.(first prebreakfast exercise ever for me) After that i ate my oatmeal and did first workout In over a month (just bodyweight, no gym acess) I know this doesnt sound like much but for me it was a miracle.

I just wanted to show my appreciation to Biotest for making quality products. Looking forward to tryning some of the other supps on the site. Hope they are ready to take my money!