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Missing Elderly


I am noticing "Missing Elderly" signs increasing in frequency in those billboards along the freeway.

Why are so many old people running away from home?





I remember the good old days when old people would try to run away...but then forget where there were before they could find their car keys.




Shit X its 4000 degrees here in Houston, they done turned to dust man.


I mean, is this just in Texas?

Or is this some mass senior citizen conspiracy?


Okay I will stop and answer. I just think people are reporting it more and the news/media are just reporting it more.


DJHT is still here, so it can't be all old people.

Just kidding. Don't hunt me down.


Had a couple go miss from up north here. They took a wrote turn on a off road and got stuck. He went for help and 30 some days later she was found by hunters I think. She was in bad shape but has since recovered. Her husband has not been found. Hell of a mistake!


Fuck me BYU throwing shots. I couldnt hunt you down I would get fucking lost and end up in one of those reports.


LOL at "Cocoon".

Man these signs are everywhere. They must head out the door almost daily and just fucking disappear.

Didn't old people used to do this in the Bible? Just walk out into a field one day and vanish?

What if this is why Mc Donald's hamburgers are so cheap?


Fuck did we miss the rapture?

Well with cuts in Medicare and health care I wonder how many people now take in there parents, grandparents into their home that used to put them in Nursing homes? How many unemployed people are bringing in parents, grandparents for social security checks to pay the bills?


Soylent Green is wrinkly people!


I have stolen and eaten them .


My gerentology texts says none almost.


They left to "walk the earth" You know, like Caine in Kung Fu: walk from place to place, meet people, get into adventures....






Increased incidence of Alzheimer's due to environmental degradation and toxins in food?

The chldren aren't home to watch them?


It's not that they're not home, it's that they aren't up at six in the fucking morning making sure their parents don't accidentally drive their Buick into a lake on their way to Country Kitchen Buffet.

Those people wake up so goddamn early it's impossible to effectively monitor them.


True, at least toddlers sleep a lot.

If you run on 4 hours sleep and have a drivers license the whole game changes.


Ha, funny.

Answer: aging population means increase in incidence of missing dementia sufferers along with all other age-attendant miseries. Also agree that media is becoming more proactive in cases of missing persons.