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Missing Bicep - Help Designing Program

Hey gentlemen,
My name is Kevin Hall, and I’ve been following you for a hot minute now and have been using your motivation and lifting advice to push myself. I’m an active duty medic and paratrooper, and last week had an incident whilst training that ended up costing me my left bicep in its entirety.

It’s completely out of character for me to reach out for help, but I’m looking for some sort of advice or program that can help me continue my lower body training without over training with these… Restrictions.

Any pulling movements seems completely out of the question, and it may be a while until I can do pushing upper body movements. I refuse to give up and be domicile, and would like some educated guidance.


I think you’ll be fine because a lot of guys are lifting missing a bicep. That being said you need to wait to see how your rehab goes.

My friend in high school wrestling was born without a left pec. Literally. He was very strong, big and a successful wrestler/lifter. I am not sure what to tell you, but he trained like everyone else, just had no left pec muscle.