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Missing Anything on This Test E Cycle?

Test Only Cycle.
First Cycle. Mid 20�??s, lifting off/on for years but consistently for the past few. 6-1 195lb with abs showing. Trying to put on lean muscle and stay fairly lean with diet on point.

Week 1-12
Test Enanthate @ 250mg/week
Arimidex or L-Dex @ .25mg or .05mg EOD respectively

PCT (Week 15-18)
Week 15 - 40mg/day
Week 16 - 30mg/day
Week 17 - 20mg/day
Week 18 - 20mg/day
Hesitant to add Clomid but will if the boys need it. Would look like this:
Week 15 - 200mg/DAY 1, then 100mg/day the rest of the week
Week 16 - 100mg/day
Week 17 - 50mg/day
Week 18 - 25mg/day
Clen (Week 13-18, 1 day on/1 day off to help with catabolism)
Arimidex or L-Dex @ .25mg or .05mg EOD respectively

Other Supps.
Milk Thistle 500mg/2x day
Digestive Enzymes
Fish Oil

25-30% higher than current
2-3 gal of water day – same as always. Any reason to raise this while on?

When and how much do you taper off the Arimidex/L-Dex?
Cut Clomid out - thoughts?
If gyno symptoms occur - Nolvadex at 20mg/day throughout cycle and continue with normal PCT protocol?

Sources are lined up but are Mexican, Balkan, or home UG and I sure would like to get my hands on some Iranian or Galenika - anybody that can answer a couple questions about board sponsors via PM, your help would be appreciated.

nix the clomid. the nolva at 40/40/20/20 will be fine. no need to taper of a’dex IMO.

You may wnat to think about bumping your test up to 500mg/week. your not going to get shutdown any more than with 250, and very minimal sides with either amount. just makes more sense to me. Be easy on teh AI’s they will hinder your gains. most use on an as needed basis.

I had wanted to keep it to this level since it’s my first cycle. If you have a 250ml amp, you can’t take half on Sun and the rest on Thurs?

i still think youd be fine with 500 for a first. more gains/same sides. what are you planning on doing storing the rest of the amp in another syringe?

If I can do that and keep it sterile then yes.

as soon as an amp is opened it isnt sterile, but you can keep it sterile-ISH! which is still good enough for the most part!

i’d just draw it into a second syringe, cap it, and use that one in 3.5 days.

regardless I would still use 500mg/w for a first cycle.

yeah you re big enough for a little dose of 500. theres nothing to be scared about…

Thanks for the help and to those via PM.

And if gyno occurs - I run 20mg/day for the rest of the cycle, stop at week 12 end, and resume with the 40/40/20/20 in normal PCT protocol? Or…

have you thought about using hcg?

why not stack with an oral?

[quote]Max Hardcore wrote:
have you thought about using hcg?

why not stack with an oral?[/quote]

I considered HCG but don’t think I’ll take it unless the boys need it.

I’m not against an oral but was trying to keep it simple for the first cycle. I’m still looking into them and if I can find one that will help give me good lean gains with minor bloat then I may hop on it as well.


Tbol looks real good. I just don’t think I can get it by the time I want to start, whereas Dbol is readily available to me. If anybody can help, I’m all ears…

Is .25mg Arimidex (L-dex)ED sufficient to control bloat with Dbol?