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Missing Any Benefits with Trap Bar Deadlift?

When I first started lifting last year( I’m 44 now)I started using the trap bar because I read It was easier on the back… at the end of. My last cycle of 5/3/1 I pulled 280x10 and squat 250x9. Obviously my back is stronger.

From a strength and general fitness stand point am I loosing anything By sticking with trap bar and not switching to standard dead lift?

In a few days I’m done with staycation and going to change up my program a little.

You’re fine. Stick with the trap bar. It’s great.

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Also like the trap bar because I like the bigger handle and just follow up with shrugs.

Since you’re progressing with the trap bar, I’d advise you keep using it.

Most of us have stronger deadlifts than squats.