Missing a Week of 5/3/1

Im going to miss a week of training in 3 weeks because of not having access to a gym. I am currently on the 5/3/1 week of the program (3rd week) and next week is supposed to be my deload. Should I do deload and continue as planned and I’ll end up missing the next 5/3/1 week? Or should I skip my deload now and do 2 cycles in a row and end up just taking my next deload week completely off?

Take your deload as planned. After your next 3s week you will miss the 5/3/1 week right? Just repeat the 3s week once you come back. This is the safe route.

I personally would skip the deload and make sure I had everything in the next few weeks to recover. Really just depends how well you know your body.

I’m skipping the deload and Earn that full week off for Christmas haha. Thanks for the input though. Do you think cutting down on the volume of accessory lifts in the next few weeks may be beneficial?