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Missing a PR at Powerlifting Meet When You Did It at Gym


Literally the only way i see him missing lifts that low.


It was a list of things. It was meant to be funny. Bc I said balls deep. Guess im the only one with a 3rd grade sense of humor. I found it highly amusing tho.


I figured it out eventually, but it my initial interpretation also made me giggle.


Strength levels can fluctuate on a daily bases by a considerable amount, especially for less experienced lifters who aren’t as neurologically efficient as advanced guys. Add that to the fact that at a meet, you lift to a fixed schedule and much more rigid conditions as compared to the gym, and it’s not at all surprising that you can end up missing lifts on the platform that you hit easily in the gym. Just keep in mind that the gym and the platform are two different animals and it’s not super meaningful to try and compare one to the other.

Also, similar to what @T3hPwnisher said, setting PRs on single rep lifts in the gym isn’t very helpful. At your stage, I would spend more time increasing your 3 and 5 rep max weight. If those are increasing, your 1RM is increasing too.

This is the best response in this whole thread and pretty much the answer I’m looking for. Increasing 3 and 5 rep max’s sounds like a good idea. PR’s should be set on the meet itself. Good plan!


If you suck or did a bad job like bomb out, get red lighted a lot… they’ll politely tell you that you need to improve. Powerlifting is all about keeping everything honest. If you do well and do a kick ass job, you’ll earn respect from everyone on meet day. Powerlifting is no joke. They keep everything real.

Some of you here are acting like lifters lifting like 90 lbs. - 300 lbs. is a bad thing. Everyone can do well on meets no matter what numbers you do. I don’t care how much weights you lift on meet day. If you can lift an 80 lb. bench and get three white lights on it then you did good.

To me it’s not fair that new lifters in powerlifting get criticized for getting three white lights on most of their lifts even if they went in easy and light. Powerlifting is for everyone. It doesn’t just have to be for super heavy lifters. It’s about going in there and doing the lifts you can handle. Yes, powerlifting is about lifting the heaviest weight as possible but you don’t have to do that. Everyone’s different when it comes to strength.


Thank you for explaining powerlifitng me :slight_smile:


Just a friendly heads up most guys responding on this thread are either currently competing or have competed at various levels in Powerlifting.


I wish I could PM you.


Im Just trying to make the point that you are physically capable of much more than what you’re actually doing.


Same man, but I think I am picking up what you are putting down.


You might not be accurate in that statement.

There’s more going on here than what the majority of us can see from this thread.

This thread should just end before it turns into a shit storm. OP is working hard and we all want him to keep working hard and doing better.


I’m gonna take your word for It. I think I’ve finally caught on now.


I don’t care what anyone thinks, though. I’m doing pretty well in powerlifting. Getting 3 white lights on most lifts. Only missed like two or three. Came home with three awards so yeah, I’m good. I’m just getting started and will get a lot better in the future. Trust me.

Gotta be realistic that getting strength is a slow process and it’s gonna take some time for me get to the bigger ones.


I’m surprised that nobody commented on this, I think this could be a major thing that is holding you back. While that is a common way of training among average “gymgoers” and maybe isn’t terrible for bodybuilding-type training since strength is not a much of a concern, this is a bad way to train for PL. You don’t want to pre-exhaust or fatigue yourself at all before your first work set. You can do a couple high rep sets with the empty bar or 95-135lbs at the beginning of your warmup, but after that you do sets of 2-5 reps at most as you work up. If I’m doing 4 reps of less the last warmup set will be a single, 5-8 reps a double or at most a triple.

Some of the other comments here are kind of disrespectful, but at the same time you could be making faster progress. You are pretty skinny, PL is not a skinny man’s sport and unless you are under 5’ you should be in a higher weight class for sure. What @tasty_nate said about working on setting PR’s in the 3-5 rep range in good advice, on top of that I would work on adding some muscle. So you need a decent amount of volume (this could be in the form of bodybuilding exercises) and enough food.


The important thing is enjoying the process. If you have fun and make friends in the sport, that’s what counts.


Here is my 290 lb. deadlift pr. that I smashed at that meet that I talked about in this post:

Here is my missed 300 lb. deadlift attempt:



I believe you are correct.


Nice work…keep it up.


Impressive lifts. Keep up the hard work!


Good work man!