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Missing a PR at Powerlifting Meet When You Did It at Gym

Hello, I’ve been lifting weights in bodybuilding for over 10 years and I’ve recently just gotten into powerlifting. I’ve got 3 powerlifting meets under my belt so far so yeah, I guess you can say that I’m a beginner at powerlifting. At my last powerlifting meet which was at Albany Strength in Albany, N.Y., I attempted a 300 lb. deadlift as my third attempt but it was a missed lift. I swore I got that number weeks before at a gym. I was pretty sure that I would be able to smash that number on meet but I missed it.

I was trying to figure out why that happened. Did I stop deadlifting heavy too early before a meet? I stopped the heavy deadlifting 3 weeks out. 2nd week out I lifted everything light, 1 week out I took a 5 day break from the gym. For that, I think I may have lost a little bit of deadlifting strength but I’ll get it back, though.

For my past three powerlifting meets that I had, I’m usually good at getting three white lights on most everything. I’ve mostly missed like two or three lifts. I know you can’t win them all so you just got to move on and forget it, just be proud of the effort. For powerlifting, I usually go for numbers that I can do 'cause I don’t want to bomb, ya know?

I’m sure this happens to everybody where they’re hoping to hit a pr that they’re planning to smash at a meet but it ends up being a missed lift when they know they got that number before. It happens.

For you experienced powerlifters here, any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated. Maybe I’m not peaking correctly is probably what it is. I’m learning.

Oh and if you’re wondering what my best lifts are at my third meet:
Squat: 150 lbs. Bench: 155 lbs. Deadlift: 290 lbs. at a weight class at 148 lbs.

Why are you setting PRs in the gym? Save those for competitions. This is your primary issue.

Maxing frequently will burn you out something fierce. PRs should be saved for the platform, where they count.


That’s great advice and I’ll take it under consideration. Thanks.

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Shit happens in meets sometimes. It sounds like you did most everything right leading into the meet so I wouldn’t worry.

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Sometimes you just have a bad day. Im getting ready for my first meet myself. But I do know my best maxes always happen after about a 3-4 week ramp up. And after I hit a true max deadlift attempt I’m fried for a couple days at least. So for example my max is around 500. Week 1 I’ll work up to 455. Week 2 I work up to 455 for 2 or a single at 475. Then week 3 I’ll work up to a new rep max. And after that I’m fried for a week or so. My heavy deadlift day actually falls every 10 days or so. Also i only shoot for a new one rep max PR every 3+ months. Now that I’m starting to compete it’ll only be at meets.

It sounds to me like that could be part of it, a “light week” 2 weeks out probably isn’t necessary considering you are small and not lifting massive weights.

How did your squat and bench go compared to your numbers in training? If it was only your last deadlift that wasn’t up to expectations then I wouldn’t blame your program, if you grinded a couple of attempts then by your last deadlift you might not be at 100%.

Greg Nuckols has an article about how to peak properly, I can’t remember the title but the information is good. I would suggest doing something along those lines next time.


10 years in the gym and a 300lb deadlift for you?

Well bodybuilding training and powerlifting training are two different realms. Over the years of my life in the gym, I avoided barbell stuff. Mostly did dumbbell stuff and mostly did “hypertrophy” style training 'cause all I wanted was to build big muscle. Now I wanna build strength and doing a lot of barbell stuff. I’m already doing pretty good in powerlifting for someone who’s just starting out. Sure, my numbers on the big three should be up more but I don’t want to rush the big numbers. Taking my slow time. I’m happy with what I got now, though.

I dont think he would burn out with that type of weight no offence. I have a 435 dead, 265 bench, and 305 squat while maxing atleast once every month for deadlift and squat. Ive been doing that for nearly 2 years now. It could be that im very young and have a good diet so I can get away with it. (Im pretty much a noob in squatting and deadlifting because Ive only started doing those lifts 5 months ago.)

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Ok cool. Do you have any pictures you could post of the progress you’ve made?

Something doesn’t add up here.


Are you soliciting shirtless selfies?

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Maxing on bench every 2 weeks or so.

So you have been doing this for nearly 2 weeks rather than 2 years?

Lmao I maxed on bench every 2 weeks for 1.5 years and only the last 2-3 months only attempted max once a month.Thats what I mean. I started with a 90lbs bench max Btw.

Why tell lies?

What do I have to lie about?

You tell me

Obviously im estimating the amount of time I spent between each max attempt. If you check my log youll see the dates. Im confused at what your accusing me of lying about.


I’m mostly just messing with you, but I don’t understand the discrepancy here.