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Missing A Lift


What do you guys (and gals) do after you miss a lift? Do you take a few minutes, re group and try again, drop weight, forget it?

Today I was doing 10x3, deadlift, 305lbs. Sets 1-9 went fine...set 9 was a bit of a struggle. I went for set 10, got the 1st rep clean, but that was it. Went for the 2nd and nothing, couldn't move it. I hesitated a fraction of a second and that's all it took.

It's the first time I;ve totally missed a lift, and I was a bit flustered. I sat down, took a breath and decided to play it safe and end there. What a bad feeling. Oh well, I'd rather miss it, then try again and get hurt.

So what do you do?

Then I started DB Bench with 75lbs, and some dude walked right into me mid set...last time I go to the gym at 5pm!


I know the pain you feel. I think the worst is when you have to drop the barbell on the pins when you miss a squat. I just hate the feeling, I feel like a disappointed bitch after haha.

With deadlift, it sucks just as bad, when you can't even move the weight. Pulling, pulling, sweating, pulling harder, a little grunt, and it's still on the floor. You just gotta gather yourself for the next lift, and use the missed lift for motivation.


I always try and end on a high note. #1 try not to miss go for a PR progress be it one 1b and do everything you can to get it. If you dont get something end on a high note. Best top walk away from training with success not failure.

if it was a technical thing sure ill try again



Yeah like Phill said, if it's a technical thing by all means attempt to correct it, if you mentally weren't there but can get fired up to try again then maybe. If you miss it a second time, DEFINATELY walk away.

If it's ANYTHING else don't go near it again. You're just flogging a dead horse. You might get the lift but it'll set you back so much because of how much it takes out of you.

I'm amazed at all the online journals I see where people attempt a limit weight 4 and 5 times before finally giving up. Once or twice I can understand, but any more is just plain stupid in my opinion.


As bad a feeling as it is, it will be good motivation for next time. I'm pretty sure I just let my mind get the best of me and I was pretty spent at the end of the 10x3, in this case, I think I made the right move walking away. I was sitting in the chair just looking at the bar thinking "you got me today my friend".

"Dip, Grip and Rip!"

I'll get it next time....


I strangle a kitten when I miss a PR.

That's normal, right?


Today, I fell forward on my 2nd set of ATG squats. The pins caught the weight and I was embarrassed. The 3rd set was perfect. It was a technique error, though.


For me, missing lifts is the most productive element of training. Some days, I know it's not going to happen. Other days, I may go after a certain lift six, seven... even ten times before throwing in the towel.

Either way, I take something away that lets me believe I'll hit it the next time. It's not the made lifts that make me train harder or analyze technique. It's the failures.

One thing I do when I go for a PR is I prepare myself mentally long in advance. If I plan on attempting a big lift, I know it's coming for at least four or five days beforehand. I visualize technique so that when the time arrives, everything will come naturally.

If I walk into the gym and decide to try for a PR on a whim, I rarely succeed.


I'll skip my Surge and spend the next hour crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry's.


This is a great way to look at it...never thought of it that way.

For whatever reason, I've actually never tried for a PR in any lifts (dodges random objects that are being thrown)...

I think I've now reached the point where I'm comfortable enough with the big lifts to try...When I bought my first set of chucks and box of chalk, it was like some kind of right of passage that allows me to try for a PR...hahaha...


If I miss it on the first attempt I take about 3min to regroup, crank the music up a lot louder and try it again.

If I miss it at that point, I try and figure out why I missed it, was it bad form, muscle imbalance? Once I figure that out I go and try and fix it, whether that means dropping the weight and working on my form or going and doing some GHR's lol


When my logbook beats me, like today on close grips, I usually come home, cry, watch Gilmore Girls and eat tagalongs till I fall asleep.

That and next time close grips come up I'll be having dreams about taking the weight that laughed at me and owning it the next time.


generally, if I miss, I take a breath and go at it again.

example : I missed an easy snatch in front, deep breath, and pulled it back and lost it behind. another breath, smoked it.

I've done 8+ attempts before getting a weight before.


If I miss, I regroup for a few minutes and try again. If that doesn't work, I back off knowing that the next time I train, I'll be able to do more. That definitely happens to me especially when I deadlift to near failure.


i just call em eccentrics and get em next week. its all about spin. sometimes theres a five second isometric at my sticking point also. missing DL sucks though.


Yeah. I do that too. Helps me focus and get ready for the next attempt.

If I miss on the second one though, I'm done for the day on the that lift.


if it is technical i will get my head out of my ass and do it right.

if it is out of gas i stop. But missing a RE workout weight is almost unheard of for me. if you are doing 8-10 sets of 3 take the time you need to get the reps. If it is a ME lift and i miss due to not strong or recovered enough, like i said i am done there and may do 90% of that days top lift for 3 and then maybe 5 with 80% of that days top weight. if it is a DE weight you wouldn't miss exccept for technical or brain clouds. Working up after a DE weight you stop once it is no longer moving quickly.


For me it always depends on how badly I miss. If I'm off by a lot, I'll generally call it a day. If I miss by a little, I'll regroup, hit the ammonia, and go at it again...


I pretty much just leave the gym. I live right under my university's gym, so I usually recoup for a few hours and then go back to try it again.


It depends on the situation. If it's at a meet, I get pissed. If it's at the gym, I don't sweat it. Usually if I miss in the gym, I'll just call that set an misjudgment and I 'll move on to some accessory work. Or, if I have not done enough work sets, I drop down and take a lighter weight. Some days, you got it; some days, you don't.