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Missing a Injection...


Unfortunatly I had to go away with the family for a few days, which means I'm gonna miss one injection!
I'm in week 6 of a ten week cycle of test e 250 @ 500 a week e3d, dbal ed from week 8-12 and adex e2d.
And nolva for pct.

Is missing a shot a really big deal?


It's not optimal, obviously, but you'll be fine.

If you're really that worried about T levels dropping too much, shoot like 300-350mg as your shot before you leave... or if you already missed the shot, shoot 300-350 when you get back to get levels back up to where they were... but still, no, not a huge deal at all. I'd say less of a deal than missing "a" english class when you were in high school. :stuck_out_tongue:


2x...especially the last part.


Erm... shouldn't it be "Missing a[b]n[/b] Injection?"


Not a big deal at all, long enough ester that you will not even notice. Just shoot higher before you leave.


Thanks guys Iv been able to bring it with me at the end and injected last night! I just forgot to take my AI with me!!!