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Missing a Day Through Sickness

OK, I just had to miss two days training due to sickness (damned Mexican street food, tastes soooooo good, but I should know better.)

I missed one day of lifting and one day of skills trainign. My question is, should I carry out the workout that I missed on Weds and shift my days or should I just skip that one and stick to my programmed session today and from now on?

I am doing a version of WS4SB, I missed the Rep upper day and should be doing Max Effort upper today so which should I do, or does it really not matter?

I would forget about the missed Rep session

I would shift if it’s not a problem

If you train alone you can look at your training as just days in a row and you can just shift the missed days to the next day’s training. But if you’re training with a crew, best to stick with the group and forget about the missed days.

I am a lone wolf trainer, I just did the Max Effort Upper day and will do the Reps day this week as normal.

Thanks guys. At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.