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Missing 2 Weeks Mid-Cycle of Test E

I am currently on a 12 week cycle of testosterone enanthate with 4 weeks of dianabol to kickstart my cycle.

It has been about 5 weeks, so im done with the Dbol, but I have decided to change the cycle into anavar, tren, and cyp/prop so i can get better results. I am going to go 8 weeks on the anavar, tren, and cyp/prop.

During this period of time, i will have 2 weeks where i will not inject anything, just because it will take me some time to get the new cycle.

Is it okay to not do any kind of PCT for those two weeks i am not injecting? since test e has a long ester, i assume there should be some effect from the test during these 2 weeks.

Why would you do this? Did you not start your cycle with enough enanthate to go 12 weeks?

To answer your question, no. Two weeks is roughly two half-lives, which is when you would typically start PCT.

But it’s still a stupid idea. Just finish your cycle as planned and use the tren next time. If you absolutely insist on adding compounds, do it one at a time and keep running the enanthate.

Cyp is damn near identical to enanthate, and while I like prop better, it’s definitely not worth going off completely for two weeks. If you really want the prop feeling, just divide up your weekly enanthate dose into 7 doses and inject ED.