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Missed Two Max Attempts But Made Third


I tried a 198 push press earlier and i missed it twice but i took 5min of rest between the last rep and hit the lift pretty quickly. I exploded it up nice.

How do you think this effects fatigue? I feel tried right now.

Yesterday, i only done 5's using a piece of wood to shorten my bench by about half the range of motion.


Ya didn't warm up proper :stuck_out_tongue: or u didnt active ur CNS, whatever the fuck that means.


psychological- thats only way to describe it. you probably over thought the first 2 tries and the 3rd you got pissed enough to do it


It is a technical lift.


This. I can't count how many times i've missed a max attempt 2 or 3 times, then smoked it on the next try.


Agreed, I gained 20 lbs on my max after learning the technique better. I also have bad military press days when the bar gets out in front of me too much.


hell, this Monday I missed a pin press PR 3 times before finally getting it. all it took was a slight change in elbow position


Interesting, this probably doesn't go good with squats and deads though.

I was actually concern about fatique for missing two attempts then hitting it. I did hit a back squat PR a few days later so it was pretty good but i'm burned out since the squat. :slight_smile: Drank too much booze since however.


if you are feeling fatigued from your training, try more protein , it might help, plus, the booze will severely diminish your healing from training. also try conditioning on your non weight days and drink tons of water.


A big part of the classical bulgarian method involves missing a lot of attempts. I've read some stuff about weightlifters needing to attmept a weight 10-20 times before they can get it. Most of the time, the strength is there but the lifter just doesnt know how to lift the weight yet.


While you got your third attempt, I don't think you did it very well and it was ugly as shit. You would have been better off leaving it after the first time and trying it again in a couple of weeks. You would have probably smashed it and gotten an even better PR. I've been there many times and it is an excercise in diminished returns. You wasted a ton of energy, both mental and physical to achieve a really bad technical lift, that you could have made even better and easier the next time instead of banging your head against a wall.
IMHO it isn't the smartest way to make gains.