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Missed the VG, Pain in Left Hip


It’s my first cycle and I learned about the VG pin and all its glory. I did tons of research and pinned both sides without any issues, but then upon pinning the left side again I went way too far forward, because after about a week I started noticing a slight pressure right around my greater trochanter on the front side, which has subsided mostly. However, when I butterfly stretch or any similar action, there’s pressure and pain there and just below the anterior iliac spine of my pelvis, as well as a little tightness in the low outside quadrant of my buttock. It’s been about three weeks since that pin and it’s definitely not pip. I’m not ruling out infection, but I do exercise extreme sanitation and caution (pin after shower, needle touches nothing, wait til alcohol dries after sterilizing, etc.) I can work it out somewhat with a foam roller and stretching but every day I wake up and there it is again, some days worse than others. Can anyone shed some light on this? I used a 1.5 inch needle, 0.5 ml of Cyp and sunk it all the way in pretty much right here: