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Missed Shot of Test E


Due to me working away i will miss my 4th and 8th shot of test e. This is unavoidable with security at work being high.

Im doing 1 shot of 500mg per week. I know 2x 250 is better but i cant do that.

Could i take dbol 50mg ed for the week instead to keep my test levels up.

Thanks for your help guys

We covered this in your previous thread. Just change the amount/day that you do the injection to work around it.

Ok thanks pex I know you were kind enough reply regarding this but i just wanted some advice to see if taking some dbol was a good idea. Since I took my last injection 11 days ago i have noticed i have lost a little bit of size and am having a few mood swings lol.

‘I’ve lost a little size’ is almost certainly false. That doesn’t happen. That part is all in your head. The mood swings could be more legitimate.

if you run dbol consistently throughout your cycle, it might make you feel better. Dbol has a tendency to do that.

Truth. It’s all just water retention/glycogen/etc

Ye its prob water loss as i took dbol for 4 weeks and stopped using it about 2 weeks ago. My cycle of test e is 10 weeks I know its prob best to take dbol for the first 4 to 6 weeks so im not sure aboit taking it for 10 weeks.

I know a lot of people don’t suggest it, but I really don’t see much harm in taking d bol at a relatively low dose for 10 weeks. I’ve come to like the idea of running an oral for the entire duration of a cycle.

I’ve done it, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever will again.

I notice size gains start to really slow at about the 5 or 6 week mark, particularly so if I’ve used an oral kickstart, and using the oral for the full time (I think it was 8 weeks) didn’t really impact that at all.

So in my mind it really just worked out to be more of a stress to my system for not really much more of a reward. (I mean we all like to tell ourselves that orals aren’t as bad as people say, but depending on how you fared in the genetic lottery you might very well be doing some damage.)

Now, I’ve heard that when the myostatin upregulates and the gains slow down, apparently switching to mostly dht compounds can mitigate that. With that in mind, I suppose maybe you could do 4 weeks or dbol, give it a couple of weeks then hit 4 weeks of var. That might keep you gaining.

But I dunno, I don’t think I’d run an oral for longer than 6 weeks.

Good points. I guess for myself, it might work well because my liver enzymes don’t really elevate while on cycle. They’ve never been out of range.

And I agree about switch orals. That’s generally what I’ve done. 5 weeks or so on one, then switch.

my eyes have never turned yellow. That’s about as much attention as I’ve ever paid to my liver enzymes!

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Thanks for the input. Could i have some feedback about taking dbol for week 4 and 8 of my cycle because i cant take my test e shot on them weeks.

I ask because i can probably bring dbol with me on weeks 4 and 8 but i cant bring amps and pins.