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Missed Proper Injection Site

About 4 days ago i did a jab on my right glute but i know i went too low. As i put the needle in there was a sharp pain but then everything was good. Then i pulled the needle out and there was alot of bleeding. I thought obviously i hit a vein but i didnt feel bad at all.

When i woke up i felt a bit groggy and whilst i was in the shower i felt dizzy and thought i was gonna pass out. Had to lie down to sort myself out and have been ok since. Thing is, my glute area is really really sore. There is alot of redness in the area and it is badly swollen. This is prob my 5/6 jab in the glute areas so im used to pain but this is very extreme compared to normal.

Should i see a doc or ride it out and see what happens?

Also have been taking ibuprofen which has helped a bit

Many thanks


Im doing 150mg of test e once a week for a trt dose.

There’s more nerves in the lower glute area. You may have hit a nerve. You might have ruptured some blood vessels, too, thus the bleeding and now soreness like bruise. It’s the spot where we sit, so that kind of sucks. Stick with the ibuprofen and you could use an ice pack to decrease any swelling / inflammation.

The good news is you are going to live.

Any reason you don’t inject in your thigh muscle?

My first jab was in the glute as thats where my friend always does his. Ive been thinking about the thigh but am worried about it giving me a dead leg and affecting my cycling as i commute to work that way

Where abouts in the thigh do you inject?

Thanks. Ice packs and ibuprofen at the ready!

bateman, I inject in the mid to upper thigh area in the front. I’ll usually flex my leg before to get a good idea of where I’m planning to go (but really your thigh is such a big muscle its hard to go wrong). And rotate between left leg and right leg for each injection. I inject twice a week, once in the left leg and once in the right.

I inject my quads all the time. I’ve never caused a “dead leg”.

You must inject in the lateral / outside half of the thigh. The inside (crotch side) has your Femoral Artery and lots of other blood vessels and nerves. You divide your leg in half as you are looking down at it. If injecting on your left thigh, inject anywhere on the left side of the Femur (thigh) bone. If injecting on the right thigh, be on the right / outer part of the thigh. The outer part is mostly muscle. Just never inject on the inner part of your thigh! I insert my needles slowly and I barely feel anything if ever. Pull back on the plunger to make sure you aren’t in a blood vessel. I always see an air bubble come up. Inject.

There are lots of YouTube videos and Google links to proper quadriceps injection sites for you to reference, too.