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Missed Pin Protocol on ED Prop

Hey bros,

What would be the protocol if for x reason I couldn’t pin today.

I’m on 100mg of prop ed … 700mg/wk. Today I had some emergencies and didn’t have access to my gear.

Tomorrow morning I pin at 9am when I get into the gym. What would be the proper protocol for making sure I still hit those 700mg/wk??

Would I pin 150 tomorrow and 150 sunday? Or blast 200 tomorrow and back to 100 sunday? Or just forget about pinning the missed pin and settle for 600mg this week?


Dude chill. Its not a big deal just continue as usual and try not to do it again

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Dude chill. Its not a big deal just continue as usual and try not to do it again[/quote]

exactly. I forget pins all the time.

Personally i would go 150 tomorrow and sunday to make up for it, but really its no biggie if you miss one pin on ED prop.

Try not to look at your cycle as weeks but a whole. You miss a day, just pin the next and keep going. Don’t have to try and make up for it

Thanks guys. I just went with 100 today. Hopefully won’t happen again.

One other question, how would throwing in HGH with test prop go? I can get a shit ton of pharm grade somatropin at a pretty good price… I was thinking about running that at about 3ui a day for about 6+ months.

Any thoughts on soma? Or is there a better hgh compound out there?

I’d honestly wait for the gh imo

[quote]BUDs wrote:
I’d honestly wait for the gh imo[/quote]

Wait after cycle?

Wait in general. Your still on your first cycle.