Missed Dosage, Test/Deca Almost a Week Late. What Now?

This is the first time that this has actually happened to me, something came up and I wasnt able to get my gear on time.

I was doing Test/Deca every 5 days, and now im basically 5 days late, so that’s 10 DAYs after my last pins, I know that Test has a half life of about 5 days and Deca 6+, thats a week overdue now, is it now f*kd and gotta build up again?

How about frontloading the next one double dose, what are the options here.

How much longer on your cycle?

possibly 4 to 8 weeks more was the plan

was thinking if i can still fix this or should i switch to short esters at this point

The half life for the longer esters is about 8 days. So if you’re on 500 weekly you’d be down to half for a couple of days. How much weekly are you pinning?

Either way you won’t have to build back up from zero. You’re essentially one half life behind. If it were me I’d stay the course and dose like you never missed. If I wanted to be a bit more aggressive and I was set to pin 250mg I might do 350mg. This situation is not a big deal in my opinion.

Don’t overthink it, just continue on like nothing happened.

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