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Missed an Injection and, I'll Be Damned, Felt Better

37 year old
5’ 10"
200 lbs
Active for 5 + years - weight lifting and cardio
Eating clean, 90% home-made foods

About 2 years ago I ordered black market T Cream - applied to my shoulders and felt great within a week.

3-4 months later I got prescribed T through a clinic - 140 mg injected twice a week.

3 months later doc said higher free T would be better - upped to 200 mg injected twice a week.

While on injections, I noticed improvements in many departments (sleep, body comp, recovery, overall well-being, etc) however my erections suffered.

Something in my system got jacked up because for the past 1.5 years I’ve had trouble with nocturnal erections, maintaining, and sometimes even getting it. Cialis would work sometimes, Viagra would work more often.

Okay to get to the point - a few times I noticed that I would start to feel slightly better, and have a tad bit more of nocturnal erections when I was closer to my next injection. I didn’t make much of it, instead I piled on more drugs - supplements, Vit D, Multi, Sermorelin and Ipamorelin, Anavar, Winstrol, etc etc - all doc prescribed.

Well this Friday I decided to not inject and I felt better, Saturday and Sunday my erections functioned better than anytime in the past 1.5 years. WTF?

I’ve tried AI starting from 0.125 mg per injection day, up to 0.25 mg per injection day.

My E2 has always been high.

Now I’m 3 days past-due from my last injection and I’m not going to do it, until I can figure out why my erections are better without the injection. Anyone have similar experiences? Do I need to maybe inject more often?

Have you had your prolactin measured? Or DHT?

Prolactin - yes, normal right in the middle.

DHT - yes and it was 61 with a 30-85 range.

My doc even prescribed the T cream for scrotal application - did that for 2 months, in addition to T injections. Didn’t fix the issue.

And it only happened once you raised your dose?

No because I remember when I first started the injections I still had this issue. I also tried to lower my dose to 140 mg a week again, for about 6 weeks, same results.

Same thing has happened to me and I cant seem to understand nor replicate that effect consistently. But you are right when I have spaced injections out or missed by a day or 2, libido and erection boost come as a pleasant surprise. Then when I think ok… maybe my current dose is too high and lower it then not only does that short lived experience go away but so does the other benefits of the higher free T. Im kinda at a loss why this phenomenon occurs and why I cant feel like that more often then not or replicate that intentionally.

I’m thinking of allowing my T to clear our, perhaps 4 weeks, then start with EOD injections and see what happens. Any other suggestions?

That feeling we love could be because of the fluctuations in hormones. I’ve heard before guys alternating doses to get that feeling. Meaning inject on same days but alternate dose. So if you inject 100 a week in 2 injection, do like 60 and 40. Then 50 and 50 etc

Maybe alternating days could be something too. Meaning skip a day once in a while.


Despite the common recommendations on this forum, not everybody does well on a large dose of test in the dick department. I’d wager the remainder of my tiny balls that you’ve been on way too high a dose for you. All forms of exogenous test can and will cause ED in some people, it’s a listed side effect.

I’m hoping to get some input as to how I can ‘have my cake and eat it too’ as they say. The TRT has given me many benefits including better sleep, overall feeling of well being, less anger, more control over decisions such as not touching a single cigarette for 2 years now. At the same time I don’t want to lose my performance in the Dick department. So would common advice have me injecting ED or EOD as a possible solution? Should I put on a hefty dose of AI since my E2 was above range even with 0.5mg AI every week? I definitely want to try some experiments just not sure what to start with.

Yes, if I miss an injection on my EOD protocol about midday I do get much harder erections but there is a very short window of opportunity and things go south very quickly as far as the erections are concerned.

I think this means my body prefers the very frequent but short natural testosterone pulsatility and variability.

Same deal. It means lower T/E levels are better for libido and erections. I lowered my dose to 50mg twice a week from 140mg/week and already notice better erections and a less “full” feeling in my head I used to feel on higher doses.

Higher dose was great for gym and fat loss but my dick lost sensitivity and erections were awful. Not a good tradeoff when dating.


How long on 100¿

Yep, recently my E2 measured at 62 pg/mL and I can assure you naturally it wouldn’t be this high. When I was at 5-6 weeks on this protocol, libido was much higher, erections easily achieved and became diminished in weeks 7-9.

I still get them, mostly good ones in the mornings and night time and especially while sleeping, but midday they are softer when looking at women, but porn will get me a hard one but for a shorter duration than in the mornings and night time.

My T:E2 ratios are not that good, Total T at 524, Free T at 22 pg/mL and E2 at 62. I’m thinking about measuring Free estradiol just for curiosity.

Okay it’s now been 1 week + 2 days since my last injection and I’m starting to feel it.

So after missing my Friday injection, I had a great feeling and erection quality until Tuesday, now it seems to be gone.

Do I re-start with LESS frequent injections, or go perhaps to EOD? It seems like my levels going up/down helps, so I may try once a week. Any thoughts?

I THINK what happens when guys miss their shots and feel better for awhile is this:

Your testosterone levels are lowering, while your estrogen levels are still higher, as the estrogen hasn’t yet cleared out (caught up to) like the T has. It’s just improving your ratio.

I have noticed the same and tried to just tinker with increasing my E2 with dhea and preg. But i could never replicate the ratio.

Its a damn difficult science.

I think the same.

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Interesting you guys say this because my E2 was always super high, at times in the 60s and 80s and I still had the erection issues. So when my T levels drop, my erection gets better but only for a rather short period of time it seems. After almost 2 years on TRT, I’ve decided to hold off and stop EVERYTHING for a while - get a blood test, see how things work, then probably get back on. Just trying to see if I should start injection ED, EOD, or maybe once a week to create those roller coasters. I seem to do well with T is going up and coming down, but not stable.

When your E2 was in the 60s and 80s what was your Total T?

Have you considered injecting daily and evening out the dose across the week?