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Missed a Workout

Is it ever ok to do two workouts in one? The workouts I would be doing are squat and ohp on the boring but big programme.

Good chance it will impact the workout after.
I would just skip (or just do the main lift with no assistance if you can’t do that, I get it).
Chalk it up as an extra rest day.
I know missing a workout sucks (really messes with my workout OCD lol) and seems like a big deal but in perspective against a few months or a years training, it doesn’t mean as much as you think it does right now.

If you missed a workout, you can just do that one next. It does not matter whether or not you lift on the same day of the week or not, and it doesn’t much matter if everything gets pushed back a day or so from what you originally planned. What does matter is that you do the workouts and get the work in, whenever.

I would not skip one of the workouts, like by just not pressing or not squatting one week. If you don’t want to just push everything back, then yes you can just do squat and press on the same day, though you might need to cut back on supplemental and/or accessory lifts.

I would NOT combine workouts - just do them on consecutive days and get back on your regular schedule.

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