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Missed a Workout

Couple weeks ago I started a 4 day split.

Monday - Shoulders and Triceps
Tuesday - Back
Thursday - Chest and Biceps
Friday - Legs

Due to a movie, I had missed Mondays workout. Id like some advice on whether I should stick with my schedule as if I had not missed the day, or take out my off day and make up my lost time.


Pack two workouts into your next one - then continue on shedule

I personally would just stick with the schedule as if you didn’t miss a day. That stuff happens sometimes… if you super worried about it, you could always add one or two shoulder/tricep to your Tuesday routine Tuesday, and go back to normal next week.

What’s the big fuzz? Even if you’ll miss a workout, it will not matter on the long haul. And doing a monday workout on tuesday isn’t the end of the world. I dare you to make a choice…

Just skip it, it’s not the end of the world, it’s not going to atrophy in one week.

There’s always next week.

Tuesday - Back and tris
Friday - shoulders then legs

Your tris may still be sore from hitting them 3 out of 4 days. Focus on the side delts and traps then kill legs.