Missed A Workout - My Options

Hey, so yesterday was supposed to be back/arms. I had a doctor’s appointment and was going to go right after. i got there and they told me that I was an hour early; my mom had told me the wrong time. I ended up getting out at 8 and my gym closes at 9 and it’s a 25 minute drive there… anyways.

My Thursday is usually off, so I was going to do back/arms today, but tomorrow is chest/shoulders, so my Triceps could be not fully healed and effect my bench.

So, my options are:
-do just back today
-do back/arms today, eat and sleep a lot and hope that it’s fine
-do back/arms today and move chest/shoulders to Sunday (Saturday is legs)

If I do just back today, then I would have done no direct arm training at all this week and I try to do arms 1-2 times per week, like every other body part (legs get 2 days/week each week).

So, what do you guys think I should do? I’m heading to the gym in a few hours.

Today back/biceps

tomarow chest/shoulders/tris

What i do, for instance, if i have to miss a day, i put everything back a day and instead of having a 2 day off weekend, ill only have one day off to make up for it. or, if i know im going to have to do somethign in the evening (which obviously isnt your case this time) ill wake up early and lift before work.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
today back/biceps

tomarow chest/shoulders/tris[/quote]
Nice, I will probably do that. If I do that, then my Triceps will be pre-exhausted for their isolation work and they are usually fresh for it, so I’ll have to adjust the weight, but it’s better than nothing, right…