Miss Venezuela contest

I’m moving there. Today. These are some beautiful women. This girl is 19.


Both these girls lost!

I’m an airline pilot, and this month I have Caracas overnights. Almost ALL the women in Venezuela are smoking hot, and they dress to impress. And my room last week just happened to overlook the pool… The bad news is that it is dangerous down there - last spring we had a crew get shot at while being robbed at the hotel. There is a referendum to recall Chavas at the end of the month, it could get real interesting.

Good looking indeed.

Is that the country where the Miss ‘CountryName’ had 22 plastic surgery enhancements at the age of 19 to win the title (she was a brunette, and fairly different looking than these 2) ?

I expect contestants to have some surgery done at that competitive level. Question is…how much? When you’ve got more operations than years alive, I start to question the ‘goods’.

But who cares? The result is there anyway. And that’s the bottom line! ;0)

Ahh yes Venezuelan women hand down have some of the most striking features out ouf any nationality. Big beautiful dark eyes, smooth tan skin, long statuesque legs and nice round asses. They’re typically not to shy either, although my encounters have all been while vacationing so that could play a factor. Have fun bro, take pictures, and wear a rubber.

Holy Hotties Batman! That first one is a good example of nice plastic surgery in the breast area, at least from the angle of the photo…

thread of the year. post some more pics.

viva panochitas!

Oh, I’m not really moving there. I was joking. I was just struck by the beauty of these two. The page I got these from, part of Yahoo news, had some more photos of the winner but she was nothing compared to these two.

Very nice, but I live in Costa Rica and we have just as beautiful women here and they’re sweet and humble. Besides that we’re not in some pre dictatorship era, we dont even have a military service.

For you curious guys out there:


Click the Candidatas button. Have fun!

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