Miss My Long Steady State Cardio

i believe when i did my long 30-40 min steady ( 7.5 ? ) i would ocme of the treadmill feeling refreshed soaked in sweat and lost a lot of weight over a few weeks…

I stopped this because of the muscle burning it causes ive heard people talking about and also that it lowers testosterone…

ive been doing 20 mins of ( 10.0 ) for say 1.30s then 1.00 to recover then repeat sometimes towards the end needing a bit longer to recover… yeah i get a sweat doing this but it just doesnt feel the same as the long steady stae stuff and i dont think im losing as much fat weight from doing it either…

thoughts ? and maybe suggestions on how to get the legnth o time up without burning muscle and losing testosterone and not needing to be intervals ?


Also just curious what speed would i need to be above to make sure im not having the negetive effects of testosterone loss when doing a steady state jog.,


Stop worrying about testosterone. Eat, lift, run and sleep.

And maybe try some sprint intervals.

Uncle Bird.


If your goals are fitness orientated there is nothing wrong with with running with running longer distances ie 3-6 miles a few says a aweek. I am in the military and I will tell you if your main goal is Max strength and size running long distances even 3 times a week will reduce your strength and size a good bit at least from my experience. I went in militart relatively lean at 220lbs at 5’7" and at the nest in shape I was 175. My squat went from 445 for 2 or 3 to just at 300lbs. I have only been back in gym lifting for serious strength for two or three months and my squat is only 365 right now.

So if your looking to be a powerlifter or Strongman I would ditch the long runs for HIIT training if you must but if fitness and aesthetic look are your goals balance out something like Alt lifting and running days every day. That’s what worked amazing for me was in the best shape of my life 175lbs with a 34min 5 mile and 72 min 10 mile. I was lean and could do some awesome body weight stuff but I was no wear even close to being even half as strong as I was absolute speaking.

What are your goals? People need to know this before they can begin to give you intelligent advice. Are you looking to gain a tonne of size? Do you compete or do you want to compete in a particular sport or event? Do you want to look good? What is your idea of “looking good”? If you don’t have defined goals how can you go about pursuing them?

If you are eating and sleeping enough it is pretty unlikely that jogging for 30-40 minutes a few times a week is really going to rip muscle off you and send your testosterone in the tank. That’s just not that much running. If you’re training for a competitive marathon time or like Reed said running, doing calisthenics etc. all day long in the military, yeah, it’s gonna be a bit more of a challenge.

Try not to over-think the small stuff.

ima aiming for really lean and and slightly muscualr like wwe wrestler randy orton… im 6.2 but im a endomorph i believe… the one that gains weight easily…and i also have low test which since starting lifintg has improved better than any meds i was taking sooo im trying to avoid anything that will kill my test.

What are your test levels?

im not sure last time i seen my endo my test cortisol and thyroid was getting better but still on the low side… im only now getting proper ercetions since starting wieghts in years… soo dont wanna do anythng to ruin this good run lol

Well I think as long as you are not running marathons on weekly basis you will be fine keep your millage low 15-20 a week and lift and eat for testostorne production and you should be fine my friend.

thanks for the replies i was thinking would this maybe cheat it a little also…

5-6 mins steady (7.0)
1-2 mins sprint (10.0)
1 min walk and catch breath (3.5

and repeat for 25 mins ? that way its long and steady but theres a a few sprints in there and some walking to miz it up ?

im also convinced its more than just fat thats going on as as soon as ive finished my sprint… i look nice and lean… then about 3-4 hours later i bloat back up again…

Well of course man in 40 mins of cardio you could easily lose 3-4 lbs of water and obviously your going to put it back on with proper nutrition and hydration but that’s a good thing

then im gona have to take a serious look at my diet cause in my head the amount of working out i do and what i eat i considered to be pretty good for losing fat and getting lean but i must be going wrong somewhere.??

Mon: upperbody weights,20 mins hiit treadmill
tue: lowerbody weights,20 mins full incline walk treadmill.
wed: 20mins hit steady state treadmill

then repeat thur,fri,sat with sunday off.

most common daily diet.

Breakfast : cereal coco pops with semi skimmed milk, cup of tea, roll and sausage/egg.
lunch: banana, 450g fat free yoghurt( flavoured )
dinner: Red meat,Potatoes,Gravy,peas,onions.
teatime: either cereal or peanut butter/jam sandwich and cup of tea.
snacks: apples, oranges, bananas, cereal.

does this seem too much or for all my working out should i still be seeing big changes ?

If serious weight loss is your goal the routine is fine but the diet is shit my friend. Way to much refined sugared in the diet to be losing at a decent pace and and carbs in all the wrong place. Let me give you a few critiques not a plan but some stuff to think about.

Breakfast- cut crappy coco puffs out if your going to eatxa cereal breakfast get a good one like raisan bran or lashing something with some nutritional value to. Oatmeal is best in my opinion sweetened with stevia and cinimon perfect for getting you geared up to lose fat. Not sure what you mean by roll but I imagine bread so i would drop that personally if your doing the cereal as well. The milk is fine in my opinion but some say no while trying to cut. And eggs you should have 4 eggs atleast every morning even if trying to cut. They one of the best natural test producing foods you can eat and according to you you need that.

Lunch- try to get some more actual food here what your doing is not horrible but some meat and vegetables and seasoned brown rice would get you father.

Dinner looks ok I would personnally drop the potatoes as your about to go bed you don’t need the carbs so late in evening. Your not doing enough cardio to really need to Carb load so as long as you get efficient carbs at breakfast lunch and post workout you will be in fine shape. Also gravy is not horrible depending on what kind if your talking powder and water its ok if your talking grease and flour home made STOP EATING IT NOW.

Not sure what tea time is exactly but I would replace with a good cold cut or tuna sandwhich light Mayo. Add vegetables and keep the tea as long as its not loaded with refund sugar.

Snacks- fruit is never really a bad idea but remember to control Carb and sugar intake. Cheeses and protein shakes would be good here as well.

Keep protein high 1- 1.5g per bodyweight. carbs moderate around 1.5g per bodyweight. and fat moderate and you will be good to go.
I am going with pounds as well so your not confused. I guarantee better results with this. Its still not as strict as I would go when cutting but it would be easier transition for you than what I truely reccomendd for fat loss.

Kashi not lashing I hate auto correct

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Kashi not lashing I hate auto correct [/quote]

When I log in on my phone, LoRez becomes “pores” or “Korea”.

With respect to eating more eggs and testosterone levels, actually eat the yolks. The testosterone producing components are in the yolks.