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Miss California for President!


Besides being hot as hell, she's also a moral person. She'd be better than the amoral nincompoops (like Biden) now in charge.


Hot: most certainly!

Stupid: You betcha!

You may be on to something, the combo worked for Bush. RAR!!


Huh? Did you just call Bush "hot"? He's not really my type, but I guess that's cool.


Actually, she would probably be the best thing we've had in 20 years.


Forlife, is that you?


My problem with this whole thing is that this is becoming the Left's (especially the Gay Communitys') "Dixie Chicks".

At least for me, the Gay Community is losing a LOT of "tolerance" points as they villify this young woman in the press and on the Internet.

About the "voicing her opinion/free speech" deal...

I agree...but...

1) These pageants are PROFIT MAKING BUISNESSES, folks; and these ladies are their representatives. While I think that she was broad-sided by the question (these young girls are under a LOT of pressure)...these businesses (like any other) are affected by what their representatives say.

2) As "The Chicks" learned, you better be prepared to live with what you say. Freedom of Speech doesn't protect you from the CONSEQUENCES of your speech...it just protects you from governmental suppression of what you say.



Now, correct me if I'm wrong...

Didn't she basically say that she's personally against it, but it's the state's decision to make? And THAT's not good enough?!


No it wasn't, Sloth...and that bothers me too..

The guy asked her a TOUGH question (I personally think that Hilton was just ITCHING for a "gotcha' moment, because he is the epitome of the "Attention Whore")...and in the heat of the moment, she gave, quite frankly, a response that I think she gave some thought too.

What she didn't do is cartwheels while expressing the views that Hilton wanted her to express.



I give her kudos for answering honestly, I think it took balls and I respect that a lot. Maybe she got flustered because she was expecting a soft-ball, but I found her response to be not very eloquent. To me, her manner of answering got lost behind the PC pissing matches, and what lost her the crown was the way she said what she said.

I have a consolation prize for her though.


Like any of you guys really care what she thinks!

You funny.


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I wish people would stop assuming that Perez Hilton is the spokesman for the gay community.

I supported her right to answer the question honestly. My partner and every other gay friend I've spoken with feels the same way.


I never even knew Perez was an actual person. I just thought it was the name of a website.

I'm so out of touch with pop culture.


So you think Obama is stupid as well? Miss California just happens to have the same opinion on gay marriage as he does.


try reading the thread again. I specifically mentioned it was the manner in which she said what she said that was stupid.


First, with the dumdasses we have have in office maybe this lady could actually get us some "Change we can believe in".

I've had some run ins with the gay community on other forums and I gotta say I think alot of them are very militant in their beliefs. I once gave my opinion about being 50/50 on gay marriage and they can at me with all sorts of insults. I know its an unpopular point of view but I don't see gay marriage in the same boat as interracial marriage.