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Miss Bill?


I miss Bill. I don't see any uber smart users posting by any of the fake names we cooked up. This sucks. :frowning:



Get over it.


Boo Hoo. You need a shoulder to cry on. There, there V everything will be just fine.


I will, it's just going to take some time.



Did Bill Roberts go back to his celestial throne?


If he did he will be coming back soon. We know not the day or hour, but he will come back. Hopefully with a trumpet sound.


Nay sirrah..you will hear his majestic chariot come our way as he descends from the parting heavens.

Did anybody sound the rams horn?


In Bill we trust.


I haven't read anything from thunderbolt23 or pookie in a while, which makes me sad.


..yeah, i miss the best president you ever had too ):


James Garfield?


I have to say Bill Roberts was the most convincing conservative I have encountered on the internet thus far. RIP Keyboard warrior, you are respected and missed.