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Miss America

Anyone else out there think that the Miss America pageant would be more interesting if the contestants were required to fire full- auto M-60’s during the swimsuit portion? I bet the jiggle factor would make for great TV.

Also, the winner should be decided by taking the two highest-scoring girls and tossing them into a tiger pit to hot oil wrestle for the crown.

"World Peace" my hairy ass.

The tiger would be in the pit, right?

MBE: “Forming the Udo’s Choice Oil Wrestling Federation since 1907. JADABB founder, 2002.”


Hmmm, what would be a gooooooood target for them to fire at…?

They could also do a "Surviver Miss America" - throw the contestents in the middle of some far off desert or island. Each "challenge" would be focused on the Miss America crown. You know, put the crown on the very top of a coconut tree and they have to climb for it or put it in the middle of a bay that's infested with sharks, jellyfish, etc. Overall, I think it'd be interesting to see these gals survive a month without makeup, hairspray and pushup bras.

I doubt those girls could survive anything. They probably grew up being in beauty pageants. Definitely not the tom boy types.

Of course there would be a tiger in the pit. And the girls would be smeared with peanut butter and jelly. Mmmmmm…peanut butter.

Patricia, I think they should shoot at life-size boy band cut-outs...oh what the hell, how about the actual boy bands themselves?

If I could redesign the whole pageant I guarantee a triple in ratings. :)

Don’t you guys think it’s a little hypocritical for a bunch of bodybuilders to be poking fun at a beauty pageant? Miss America, IFBB, NPC, Musclemania, etc. are all just beauty contests and vanity when you break it down. At least the Miss America contestants have to prove that they have a skill in something.

Yea, I like the M60. It adds some sex appeal. pda, having a bad hair day?

pda- Don’t assume that just because we lift weight means we give a shit about competitive stage bodybuilding.

Dont be so quick to judge. my girlfriend has won many beauty pageants and was even runner up for miss petite teen international. she is very athletic doesnt at all fit the stereotype most of you are trying to portray. She is a very good person who says nothing bad about anyone else. Its funny that people who routinely have threads on being misunderstood would create a thread that misunderstands another group they know nothing about.

Whats her name and phone number?

Goldberg hit the nail on the head. I’m not assuming anything TEK, in fact I myself have competed in a bodybuilding show and I enjoyed it at the time.I have switched to powerlifting because I am now of the opinion that bodybuilding as a sport is silly (just my opinion and I don’t knock bodybuilders for their choice). Whether or not you support bodybuilding as a sport it is still a measure of vanity if you are interested in building the biggest muscles and best physique you can because muscle size doesn’t directly correlate to power or sport-specific proficiency or health, so the only other reason for this is vanity, keep that in mind when you assess other people’s hobbies. I think some of the people on the forum should not knock pageants because of a stereotype. Like Goldberg, I too knew a girl who was into the pageants and she was very intelligent and sweet. Be open-minded.

Last year I watched the miss South America pageant on Univision. Could not understand a word the emcee said but, it was far more entertaining than the miss America. Those miss Brazil, Venezuala, columbia etc. were waaay sexier than the miss Americas.

Im about to post her picture on the tmag picture site.

I know generalizations are just stupid, but you can’t help but look at the Miss America contestants and think that some(not all) are a little prissy. You can tell that all of them are in good shape and probably exercise, so I wasn’t talking from that aspect.

Just like you can look at people who lift and assume they are stupid? doesnt make sense to me. I have realized one thing in the past year. Do not judge people before you meet them. You may be pleasantly suprised. I used to be the king of prejudging. But not anymore. Ive been set straight one too many times.

So, I checked out the pix, and see – Ashley (posted by Goldberg). So, this is the lady that you were talking about some time back? Looks like quite a fire-ball.

That is her. and she is quite the fireball.