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Misinformation on MSN Fitness


Every once in a while I like to read MSN fitness, just for the broad misinformation spread there. Then I found this gem


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"Well I have a six pack and I did it this way...
First only eat one HUGE meal a day preferably around 10pm, just to get the juices flowing during sleep.

Then only do the bench press when you work out...This way it'll strengthen only your midsection. Also do this only once a month, no more or else you will overwork your muscles.

Finally remember that this is going to take a lot of work, so sleep is going to be important not to overwork your body. Sleep about 12-14 hours a day, unless you have drinken the night before, then up it to about 16 hours of sleep.

So eat a HUGE meal get to sleep and melt those pounds away!"

I can post others later, the sad thing is I saw like 2-3 good articles on there once, about people needing to squat lower and more frequently. and the other one included squats and deads in the program. oh well, I'lll update as time goes on.


feel free to post similar articles///posts


the world would be a better place if everyone did 5 sets of front squats every second day.


Wow. This is the same advice I would give with a sarcastic tone to someone I really hate.


I think I saw this too and couldn't believe it, and then I noticed Mike Robertson wrote it.


haha, any others?


Yeahhh....I'm pretty sure this was deliberately written to be sarcastic..

..oh wait, are you implying that, too? Blarg, damn internet sarcasm, so hard to interpret!


I'm fairly certain one of the authors is or did train college football players, or played college ball.