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Mishael's Beginning


I turned 18 October 2nd. I spent all 4 years of high school playing baseball where I became familiarized with the basics of weightlifting, though I really only bench pressed regularly. I started lifting May 17 6 days a week. I did this until about the beginning of September when exertion headaches from 20 rep squats took me out for a couple weeks.

After that I started school and work and had trouble making time. Then when I made time to lift I got sick. So anyways, I'm now ready to get back into lifting. As I said, I'm 18, 6'1 and 225 lbs. last time I checked. When I was really lifting hard and playing racquetball 4 hours a day (no work at the time) during the summer I was about 215 and had very little body fat, though we're not talking 6-pack or anything.

I'd like to make this 225 solid and get as strong as possible because I intend to be getting back into baseball since I missed out on excelling my senior year because of a rotator cuff injury. Anyways, I love this site.


First day back. I had worked up to 275 for 20 reps on squats before I took time off but I wasn't sure how much I lost so I went down in weight. Felt good on it though, seems like I haven't lost all that much leg power. Dropping from the pullup handles almost gave me a cramp in my quad though haha. Didn't do all my lifts, just trying to get back into the hang of things.

Squat: 225x20
Pullups: BWx7,5,4
Bent-over DB Rows: 90x8,8,8 (R) and 90x8,8,6 (L)
Shrugs: 135x20,12,12

My back is defintely my weakpoint.