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Misha 2221 Total


Easy as pie. 794/507/920


Shit and no knee wraps. What a beast.


He's a fucking freak. And I mean that in the most awesome way possible.

The real scary thing is, he looks like he's good for more on the squat and bench.


Im not counting that deadlift, did you see all that creatine smeared on his legs? Clearly a cheater.


Damn!! How tall is he?


believe 6'3"/ 6'4"

he has some oly lifting achievements (210+250) that are impressive as well as strongman titles


Brb, going to go kill myself now. Fricken guy...


Don't forget that he held (maybe still holds?) the Highland Games record in weight for height!


Well, goodbye cruel world....I have nothing to live for now!


Was he even trying on that bench press?? It looked like a fucking speed bench. Like he had another 50 bloody pounds in the bank. You have got to be kidding me.


One of the best all time strength athletes. Highland games, strongman, oly lifting, and powerlifting.
A true living legend.


that bench looked like a warmup.
Impressive stuff.


One of the most legitimate squats I've seen in a powerlifting meet. No doubt about the depth.


Yeah I already did that. This is a post from beyond the grave to reiterate what you and others said about his bench lol. Why did he go so light? When I saw it, I honestly thought he was going to do a second rep as some kind of joke or something.



ANd that music adds like 10000 cool points.


Yeah but what's his Fran time?



Who's Fran?

Fran's dead baby. Fran's dead.

........He beat Fran to death with the squat bar.


I presume he was holding back for the monster deadlift.


I thought "recent injury/strain?" or maybe he fucks his lower back or his hamstrings when benching heavy and he wanted that huge deadlift that day, as you say.


It is possible that he missed a heavier attempt since they only show the ones that counted towards the total. Just a thought.