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Misfits Get Here!

Here is a thread to the Misfits…anyone here who is down with Misfits post up.

Dead Kenneyds>misfits

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
Dead Kenneyds>misfits[/quote]

Sorry man …no lol

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
Dead Kenneyds>misfits[/quote]

No. Dead Kennedy’s had that annoying “I’m smarter and hipper than you” attitude. Music was good, but I don’t have much patience for that kind of pretentious bullshit.

Bullet and Where Eagles Dare are the shit.

The Misfits rule, of course.

The Dead Kennedys are good as well. They have some of the best song titles ever too.

Somebody say misfits?

[quote]Uncle Gabby wrote:
zephead4747 wrote:
Dead Kenneyds>misfits

No. Dead Kennedy’s had that annoying “I’m smarter and hipper than you” attitude. quote]

Their music was still better then the misfits’.

Pull my strings, kill the poor, police truck, riot, are all classics. Any one of those songs recieves more play on my ipod then the misfits

I preferred DKs and Poison Idea. But even more than that nomeansno, but I’m not usre how well known they are outside of BC.

Misfits are playing in my town in a few weeks. I don’t like them enough to pay the price they are asking, but it’s good to see old bands still around. DK played here a few years ago, but without Jello, it’s just not the same.

We are 138?

Teenagers From Mars (AND WE DON’T CARE)
Theme for a Jackal

Misfits, son!

Dig Up Her Bones and Hybrid Moments are my favorites.

Also, Danzig rules.

Are we talking about Danzig-era or Graves-era Misfits? I actually like them both and respect Graves for leaving to join the Marines…medically discharged after a few years for a back injury I believe. Now he’s a huge Republican supporter. What’s more punk than being a Republican when all the other punks are so left-wing? Crazy, huh? :slight_smile:

My 9 year old son loves the Misfits and has since he was 3 years old. No kidding. He was such a little punk, wanted a mohawk and all. Made him wait a year and see how he felt. Still wanted it…so he got it. The only 4 year old kid around rockin’ the hawk, sometimes liberty spikes. Took him to see The Casualties and he got to hang out with the band after the show…they gave him so much free merch it was crazy.

After he started going to school, other kids started copying him. He didn’t understand what the big deal was and eventually grew his hair back out again. He actually said he didn’t want to be the one who started any sort of trend at school.

Misfits rule, I love Hybrid Moments and Attitude.

I dunno Lohryx5, if the kid said he wanted a 'hawk at 3 who are you to hold him back. Ha ha.

I had to wait until I was 12 before my brother would risk my Ma’s wraith and shave me a 'hawk in.

She flipped. I think, technically, at 37 my bro is still grounded … …

We only held him back for a year to ensure it wasn’t some sort of passing phase (as most 3 year old do). He no shit truly wanted it even a year later so we decided to let him have it. It was colored every different color and all that…wore punk clothes, etc. Other parents must have thought we were morons or dressing him how we wanted.

Truth is, it was all him and he’s the sweetest kid you’d ever meet. We just asked that he do well in school, and he’s always done great. The principal and teachers were a little unsure at first but then got used to it to the point of not even noticing…until he got rid of it. Now I think they kinda miss it, haha.

[quote]AssOnGrass wrote:
Somebody say misfits?[/quote]

Haha! You beat me to it. That was the first thing that came to mind. King Moonracer is down with the Misfits.


Danzig era only for me pretty much :confused:

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
Dead Kenneyds>misfits[/quote]

Careful, you don’t want Danzig on your ass!

Sort of off topic, but IMO these are some of the funniest Youtube videos ever created.

Shakira Featuring Danzig “Hips Don’t Lie”

Glenn Danzig Grocery Shopping List

Danzig - Maneater